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The blabla of the forum

Posts: 7782
Joined: 24 October 2008
Location: Bingley

Jul 16, 2013 22:36  Trackback URL

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Is there anyone out there

Some people on here still go to work thy knows!

whats that

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Posts: 833
Joined: 02 August 2010
Location: Killinchy
Jul 18, 2013 18:31  Trackback URL

Anyone else see that our Rosco got a 1000 fine for leaving rubbish beside bins at xmas time. I mean to say how the hell does it cost 1000 to pick up two cardboard boxes.? He knows he was wrong,accepted the charge and the fine but got involved with a young Uddersfailed chav at the courthouse who took his picture as he waited and then plastered it all over Twitter. Rosco wasn't impressed but it continues to roll on..............This guys name is Matty Bermingham and reading his page he seems like a nasty lil prick.....! Stranger still the reporter from the YEP-Jonathan Brown then preceded to contact this guy over Twitter asking if he'd do an interview for the YEP-Rosco again, and rightly so wasn't impressed................it continues.
I'm not much into 'tweeting' but anyone who does could get this little Udders troll-barrage him with Leeds,Leeds,Leeds stuff til he gives up.

Gawd I'm so borrreeeddddddddddd.........

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Posts: 2843
Joined: 28 December 2011
Location: Mostly shedding light on things ;)

Jul 18, 2013 21:11  Trackback URL

I suppose the alternative would be that he could have done what every other decent human being does and take his rubbish to the tip? Or is he above that? There's even a place next to his place of work at Thorp Arch for christ's sake!

The costs would have been all the court costs, not just recovery and disposal.

Also proved he's no challenge to Mr Smith in the brain department as he left his address labels attached to his rubbish

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Posts: 493
Joined: 27 May 2011
Location: offaly,ireland

Jul 18, 2013 21:29  Trackback URL

I think the punishment far exceeds the crime not that he cant afford it but thats not the point. 900 pound is crazy for 2 toy boxes.

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Posts: 10140
Joined: 08 October 2008

Jul 18, 2013 21:49  Trackback URL

Not that I'm surprised, but it says something about the quality of YEP as a publication when something like this become a story (the title now even includes "UPDATED", as if it were a thrilling saga that everyone's keeping their eyes on!). Local authority investigated a citizen for wrongdoing and applied a fine. Nothing looks amiss, no one needs to say or judge any more on it, from McCormack to Joe Bloggs.

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