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Postby Davycc » 30 Jul 2021, 20:22

It's the geek in me. This app has actually saved lives. For those of us brought up on a 6 figure grid reference and all the issues that raises, this app simplifies things amazingly. Every THINK ABOUT THIS, every square yard on earth can be identified by just three words here;


click on your house and you will find 3 words. Anyone can then find you recue workers police etc. Maybe not vital in a built up area but imagine rural locations, someone needing help in the middle of nowhere..

Try it out, a historic location very close to me ///motivator.gearbox.javelin
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Re: What3words

Postby yorkfan » 30 Jul 2021, 21:05

Been using it for a while now, and agree that could save vital time for emergency services arriving in rural areas.

Kudos to the geek, or geeks who imagined the concept in the first place.
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