Brexit - Yes or No? - Poll added

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Simple question should we stay in the EU or opt out ?

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Brexit - Yes or No? - Poll added

Postby White Knight » 17 Feb 2016, 19:59

On the eve of Cameron's negotiations with the EU, what do people feel about Britain leaving the EU whenever the referendum is held. As a Leeds fan in Ireland I would be interested to see what the feeling is like on the ground in Britain about staying in or moving out.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby Deleted User 728 » 17 Feb 2016, 20:00

I'm pro-Europe all the way.

I would stay in but would also prefer to get back some autonomy.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby NottinghamWhite » 17 Feb 2016, 20:02

Sorry not a political animal.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby White Knight » 17 Feb 2016, 20:27

NottinghamWhite wrote:Sorry not a political animal.

Appreciate that, but there could be more to it than politics, especially along the lines of jobs, travel, current EU restrictions or rights, etc.
One interesting outcome could relate to something like the Bosman ruling on transfers. That is an EU rule and it may not apply in the British leagues if Britain were to leave or negotiate an exception to such laws. That's just my speculation, I'm not sure if it would be impacted or not, but it is an example of the type of thing that could fall out from any change.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby johnh » 17 Feb 2016, 20:37

Definitely OUT for me. I have quite a wide circle of friends, acquaintances and I have yet to meet anyone who says they will vote IN. I think that, like the election, the pollsters have got it wrong. I think it will be 55% OUT. The EU is undemocratic, riddled with corruption and can't get their accounts signed off by the auditors because there is no accountability for vast sums of money. It is also a massive 'jobs for the boys' who spend their lives micro-managing the lives of member states. The disaster of the 'Euro' sums the whole thing up. Apart from that I have no strong feelings one way or the other. :D
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby isrodger » 17 Feb 2016, 20:58

Divided on this given I very soon intend to live half half between the Uk and somewhere sunnier; in terms of perocial self interest I say stay in. For the good of the country I say out.
The thing that annoys me is that in 2014 238,000 migrants came to the UK from Europe approximately 2/3rds found work. In the same year 272,000 came from outside the EU approx 1/3rd found work. Yes there are some asylum & foreign students in there but still why let anyone from outside the EU who doesn't contribute say £30,000 of tax pa & is willing to forfeit social security & take out their own health insurance initially.

There is a solution which allows us to stay in and cuts the negative impact of immigration. Get control of the tax and benefits system. 1. Stop child benefit - give kids free nutritious school meals and two free uniforms a year along with a dozen boxes of washing powder. 2. Reintroduce national insurance for use of the NHS - after you have paid in for 10 years you get 100% discount of treatment - after 3 years 30% off with a enhanced discount each year. 3. Increase Vat and apply it to all goods and services. (Increase tax thresholds, pensions / disability to compensate & food vouchers to compensate those unemployed). ... Rant over.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby Sniffer » 18 Feb 2016, 00:54

I'm a pretty laid-back, liberal kind of guy and I see the EU as a brake (the in word at the moment, apparently) on the Tory f"ckwittery that I think they'd go for given the chance. I chose not to comment on a conversation going on at work this evening. The Health and Safety rep, who is rabidly anti-Europe, started talking about the European Working Time Directive and then about a few of the other things that we have got through the EU - health and safety, for instance, paid leave etc. And then he said the sooner our EU contract was ripped up the better. He is a opinionated pumped up dick, to be honest, and he contradicts himself left, right and centre. I think a lot of people see being in the EU as a form of national castration.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby Deleted User 2747 » 18 Feb 2016, 09:45

I would say In!

If we had a much more democratic voting system in the UK, then maybe out, but even the very limited 'checks and balances' offered by the House of Lords (Which in itself is archaic) are now under threat! I do not like the little Englander mentality (which is not the same as being patriotic).
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby mapperleywhite » 18 Feb 2016, 11:45

Most definitely IN! - couldn't go back to 200 fags and a litre of booze.....

Geographically it makes sense for us to be in a union with other European countries (Although the timing of our renegotiation is spectacularly poor - as an EU guy pointed out yesterday 'we have other things on our minds - refugees, Eurozone, Putin'). We voted 'in' in 1974, perhaps in the aftermath of the first oil crisis and the realization that our days of empire were over. My understanding of what we signed up for then was closer trade links with EU members. And that for me is the key thing - our international trading position has benefitted hugely from EU membership and continues to provide the base for the strong economy we have today. Free access to over 350 million consumers is not easily replaced. Nobody has yet explained the consequence of a 'out' decision on, for example, the Nissan and Toyota factories that provide thousands of jobs. If there's a tariff for exporting cars to EU countries they will surely take their sushi bowls elsewhere.

What I object to, though, is the squandering of public money by EU institutions - wasn't there a case a couple of years ago when a virtual unknown UK MEP took up a senior job in Brussels on a salary of € 350,000/year? Do they fly Ryanir and stay in B&B's when they go to meetings? There's a huge gravy train that I'm sure Sepp Blatter would feel comfortable being a part of, if only he weren't Swiss.

Some aspects of the euro are good - no more endless fiddling around changing money into all the different currencies. And doing business it's much more efficient. But it has been found wanting - those responsible for allowing Greece in without auditing their budget deficit should be held to account big time.

The Schengen agreement has been shown up to have some serious downsides over the past year, but again the idea is a good one in theory.

It's clear a lot of people are troubled by the prospect of EU citizens, particularly from the poorer countries, coming here and getting benefits. I don't really see how they can, having had first hand experience that no benefits are payable unless you have three years of national insurance contributions. Our relative economic success is a magnet for people who want to work and the population projections are for it to continue to grow; the government MUST recognize this by building more homes and putting infrastructure in place - they're happy to take taxes, VAT, fuel duty etc from these immigrants so they're getting extra money. And don't forget we have a free choice of 27 countries to live, work and retire in.

I'd certainly like to distance ourselves from some of the daft legislation the EU comes up with - wasn't there one about the flavour of our crisps at one point? Who comes up with this bullcrap and how much did it cost to do so? At least we still drive on the left and sell carpet in 3 metre widths but specify the length in feet!

The 'out' people are thinking short-term and, for once in this country, we need to think long term and continuity.
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Re: Brexit - Yes or No?

Postby Deleted User 3150 » 18 Feb 2016, 11:55

REMAIN for me.

Don't you just love democracy.

As a Brit living in France, I think I might get screwed if we leave!
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