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Simple question should we stay in the EU or opt out ?

Poll ended at 26 Mar 2016, 18:48

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Re: Brexit - Yes or No? - Poll added

Postby Nic » 01 Apr 2019, 08:30

Viduka Hits The Mark wrote:
Polls say that a G.E. would still produce a hung parliament

The 2017 polls had Labour 20 points behind. ;)

Personally i think there would be a swing back to the Tories now Labour have come out in support of a second referendum, providing their was a new Conservative leader. Tom Watson was on Marr this morning confirming it would be in Labour's Manifesto if a GE was called. One thing i do know from conducting my own mini poll at work :D is that people (admittedly most are over a certain age) say time and time again they would not countenance a Corbyn led government. I have to say i now find myself agreeing with them.
It seems many in the Labour party are blissfully unaware or in denial of the liability they have. They point to the surge in party membership and G.E. result as justification as to they have the right leader, rather than consider why they did not romp home with an unpopular tory gov't in.

Surely the G.E. has already started, such as May's broadcast saying MP's are stopping Brexit. If Labour's manifesto says they will offer a second referendum if they get in - it will probably backfire. Whilst a second referendum probably is the only way now to decide it, the electorate don't want to be told that.
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