Bizarre but brilliant ..

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Bizarre but brilliant ..

Postby rigger » 07 Nov 2017, 12:40

Great little article in The Independent today about English and one of its more unusual rules.
Given that we already have one of the most confusing and irregular languages on the planet, this really isn't all that surprising .. it's just that most of us will never have even given it a moment's thought, the same way we never stop and think "Now, do I put my left foot down next ?" when walking down the street ..


Ahh...the English language.
The many idiosyncrasies and pronunciations are wonderful to behold but also infuriatingly confusing.

You might be completely unaware of this, but there are many rules to do with this English language that you abide by every day without realising.
One of them has to do with the order in which you place adjectives, before a noun.
In order to correctly order your nouns they have to go obey the following:

Opinion - size - age - shape - colour - origin - material - purpose - noun

Bet you didn't know that, did you?
Journalist Matthew Anderson, discovered this rule in the book The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase written by Mark Forsyth in 2013.

He took a photo of the page containing this peculiar rule and it quickly went viral :



Source :
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