BA Strike

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BA Strike

Postby Selby White » 25 Aug 2019, 08:01

Anyone else been affected by the BA strike ?

We've had a holiday booked for quite a while with a tour company to tour the West coast of America from San Francisco to Seattle.

We decided to take the option of meeting them there and not fly out with them (they offered good discounts for this). Reason was so we could book extra nights in San Fran and Seattle at the start and finish of the tour.

Got everything sorted including trains to and from heathrow, hotel before we fly and when return, really looking forward to it.

Then the bombshell Friday night an email from BA that our fly out date was on a strike date and our flight was cancelled but they would contact me or I could phone them and they would try transfer us to another airline.

Panic Bells started as they just wasn't answering the phone all morning. Then another email saying they were refunding our trip with them, all apologises of course. That was basically our flight to San Fran our return from Seattle and the Seattle hotel which we had booked through them.

All other aspects of our trip was booked with others and not their responsibility.

Hence a logistics nightmare 2 weeks before we are due to be in San Francisco.

After a very stressful day trawling Airline websites we got a happy ending and managed to get the same dates flights through Lufthansa with better flight times. Although booked through Lufthansa we fly out direct with United Airlines but coming back with Lufthansa and fly to Frankfurt first.
Still beggars can't be choosers, oh and got a different Seattle hotel and even included breakfast. Ended up paying about £40 more than the original prices but that's peanuts compared to the overall cost of the holiday.

We are actually better off as the tour company gave us £1500 off the holiday for not flying out with them and we have spent around £1250 of it on flights and extra hotels. So £250 towards our transfers and rest extra spending money and we are getting a longer holiday :D
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Re: BA Strike

Postby Davycc » 25 Aug 2019, 08:15

Well done, not often people come out better off. Payment for the stressful day.
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