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PostPosted: 26 May 2020, 16:54
by Deleted User 728
In the light of everything that's been happening on the board during this weird and dangerous time for the world, the mod team has been discussing how best to handle things on the forum.
Tempers have flared, emotions have run wild, some people have taken temporary leaves of absence to cool off while others perhaps should've done.
There have been various PMs floating about raising concerns and questioning how we're dealing with it all - the truth is, we're just doing what we can every day to keep the place not just civil but also fun and interesting. With that in mind, we're messaging a few key users to ask them to pause for a moment and consider what's happening "big picture" before pressing that <submit> button.
This isn't aimed just at regular visitors to the forum but is also being undertaken by a few of the mods themselves - it's been getting pretty heated in the Mods Lounge too.

Please stop and think before posting anything which may raise heckles.
None of us know what's going on in anybody else's world right now : people are dying for all the wrong reasons, people are sick and suffering, people are losing their jobs, their minds and friends and family as this Covid thing grinds on.
Please, above all else, consider the strongest message that has arisen from the Coronavirus : Be Kind.

Thank you for reading this : we hope you understand where we're coming from.
Stay safe.

The Mod Team