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Trouble At t'Mill

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2017, 10:05
by Another Northern Soul
I have been slack in keeping the forum up to date with LLFC matters, please accept my apologies even though I have had a lot of personal stuff to deal with this year plus the club actually hasn't been very communicative. And not many games have been played either. anyway, the season started full of promise but it's gone downhill and is basically over now, no chance of promotion or play offs.

Anyway folks, stuff has been happening which I had no idea about. An EGM was called and this is the official statement. Thanks everyone who tried keeping u.t.d. with Leeds Ladies FC on here, I'm sorry it hasn't worked out. If the forum wants to close this 'sub forum' then I won't protest and I won't take any of it personally, it's just how things have panned out, unfortunately.

Club statement


Following a varied season on and off the field; a break away from the vision which was laid out at the beginning and broken promises, it was decided that an EGM would be called to decide upon the future of the existing structure. It was decided that there was no longer any confidence in the previous leadership and a new committee would now take control of Leeds Ladies FC.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new structure behind the club, appointing Lee Townend as chairman of Leeds Ladies Football Club, with the full advisory support from Andrew Pinder.

Lee previously worked with the club as director of football and head of youth development so he brings an extensive knowledge of the club to the new structure.

Lee will be joined in the day to day matters by Kirsty Emmot who has been appointed as club treasurer and Jo Czibor as club secretary.

Lewis Atkinson will become director of football and will maintain his position as first team manager supported by his coaching team. The remaining roles have been filled by the leadership team ensuring the club structure is in safe hands with a 6 person strong executive committee!

The club’s main priority is to instil transparency across all areas. From financial to the club’s ambitions, Leeds Ladies FC wants to be very open and honest in its approach and in its leadership. The current leadership team have a very positive attitude towards the future of Leeds Ladies FC and is looking forward to helping the club realise it’s potential.

The club is looking forward to preparing the football teams to compete in the upcoming 2017-2018 season and with renewed financial backing this prospect is looking a very optimistic one.

At this stage, the club would like to thank the financial support shown to date by our commercial and private sponsors! Without your continued support, we would not be in a position to move forward!

The new chairman would like to increase our community links and become a true community club which ensures there are more opportunities for girls in the city of Leeds to be able to play football.

Re: Trouble At t'Mill

PostPosted: 26 May 2017, 16:34
by MOT1964 ... -1-8565055

15:27Friday 26 May 2017
Police have made two arrests over claims of financial impropriety at Leeds Ladies FC.

A spokesman for Leeds Ladies FC confirmed today that former chairman Gary Cooper, 50, and Nicola Bright, former treasurer to the club, were both arrested this week.

Speaking to the YEP, Mr Cooper said that he hoped in time the full story would be told.

He said: “I have been asked not to comment by West Yorkshire Police but I hope in time the full story will be told.”

In a statement this morning, West Yorkshire Police said: “Two people have been arrested as part of an investigation into fraud offences related to Leeds Ladies FC.

“They have both been released pending further enquiries.”

Leeds Ladies was set up in 2014 after Leeds United ended its affiliation with the former Leeds United Ladies FC.

The club held an emergency general meeting (EGM) in March, disbanding the previous committee and electing six new members as an executive committee to replace them.

The previous committee was led by chairman Gary Cooper, who helped create Leeds Ladies three years ago after leaving his role as chairman-of-five-years at the LUST supporters’ trust.

Dave Carrington, chairman of Leeds United Supporters’ Trust, said: “We are unaware of the specifics of the allegations.

Gary Cooper hasn’t been on the trust board since 2014.

“We are unable to comment any further.”

It comes after Leeds Ladies FC revealed in June 2016 that it had secured a new deal with US-based Pinder Properties becoming its primary sponsor.

Leeds Ladies FC said in a statement to the YEP that the club now wants to concentrate on all things football and planning for next season.

The statement said: “Earlier this year questions were asked of the club and its committee members as to the whereabouts of certain financial donations which were made to Leeds Ladies FC. These questions remained unanswered, the police were informed and a criminal investigation into the allegations has begun.

“In light of the investigation, an EGM was called by concerned parties due to a lack of confidence in the committee of Leeds Ladies FC. During this meeting, a vote of no confidence was unanimously upheld and a new executive committee were subsequently voted in.

“The club would like to get back to the important business of being a respected women’s football club and would like to concentrate on all things football and the players, and very much looking forward to planning next season under the new structure.

“With full backing from renewed sponsors supporting the new structure, 2017-2018 brings a new hope and renewed enthusiasm to move forward.

“Leeds Ladies FC cannot comment further on the police investigation and are cooperating fully with West Yorkshire Police during this investigation.”

The YEP attempted to reach Nicola Bright for a comment.

Re: Trouble At t'Mill

PostPosted: 26 May 2017, 16:47
by Another Northern Soul
Thanks MOT, apologies anyone interested, I clean forgot to post the news here today. :oops:

Re: Trouble At t'Mill

PostPosted: 26 May 2017, 16:58
by MOT1964
Another Northern Soul wrote:Thanks MOT, apologies anyone interested, I clean forgot to post the news here today. :oops:

No problem ANS, I just happened to see it retweeted by Phil Hay :thumbup:

Re: Trouble At t'Mill

PostPosted: 26 May 2017, 17:11
by Another Northern Soul
MOT1964 wrote:
Another Northern Soul wrote:Thanks MOT, apologies anyone interested, I clean forgot to post the news here today. :oops:

No problem ANS, I just happened to see it retweeted by Phil Hay :thumbup:

Yeah it was in this morning's local press too, and this evening's (published late mornings though). Very sad.