ISR banned

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ISR banned

Postby Another Northern Soul » 26 May 2020, 20:35

Dear LUFC Talk forum members,

It is with some regret that we have to advise you that isrodger has been banned from the LUFCTalk forum. The decision to take this action was not a hastily made one, he was banned for two weeks last year and told we wouldn't tolerate any more board etiquette/rules infringements. This forum's moderators aren't here to be targeted or abused, and our primary concern is to try and maintain a sense of civility and camaraderie... it has been very difficult to achieve that with all too frequent goading and 'stirring' going on recently, therefore it has been decided by the team that isrodger is to be permanently banned from this forum.

It's sad that it came to this but we were left with no other real option, we're not prepared to just sit back and watch this place we work hard to keep civil just be spoiled by antagonistic behaviour, it brings down the atmosphere, offends posters and might well deter new ones from joining.

It's a family forum after all.


Your mod team
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