Hello from Argentina!

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Hello from Argentina!

Postby martin_racing » 02 Aug 2020, 22:44

Hello everyone ! I´m a Bielsa fan and I wanna say that I watched all leeds matches and obviously I started to like the team ! Despite my team in Argentina is Racing Club I can admit that Leeds is my team in England (and in football manager). Good luck in the Premier League :clap: ! I´m gonna keep reading this forum, greetings! Martín.

(Sorry for my english :lol: )
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby Mr Russell » 02 Aug 2020, 23:18

Welcome to the forum Martin, what part of Argentina are you from? Your English is fine :thumbup:
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby Barlow Boy » 02 Aug 2020, 23:50

Welcome to the forum pal, your English is absolutely fine :thumbup:
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby NottinghamWhite » 03 Aug 2020, 05:59

Welcome to the forum :thumbup:
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby Selby White » 03 Aug 2020, 06:19

Hello Martin welcome :thumbup:

Can we assume you live in Buenos Aires supporting Racing Club ?
Which club are your main rivals ?
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby ChilwellWhite » 03 Aug 2020, 06:43

Hello :wave:
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby mapperleywhite » 03 Aug 2020, 10:54

Bienvenido Mijo!
Might have to take an interest in the Premier League now....
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby Ricardo Da Lepp » 03 Aug 2020, 12:41

Hello Martin and welcome to the forum!
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby rigger » 03 Aug 2020, 13:51

Hola amigo :)
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Re: Hello from Argentina!

Postby kk_white » 03 Aug 2020, 21:38

Welcome Martín :wave:
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