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Re: Back again!

Postby mattant250 » 11 Aug 2020, 00:46

Forgive the late replies, it seems I still need to get back into this forum lark haha!

Fantastic to still see some old names around here, Deebo, ChilwellWhite, NottinghamWhite, Davycc, Saxon, Rigger.
I do vaguely remember Mr Russell from the early years here, glad to see you're still around.

NottinghamWhite, yes I was a mod on the old fanzine, around 10 years ago now, how time flies!! I enjoyed it, there were some very fun experiences, but don't envy you guys now - the rate at which the forum has grown, it must be a very hectic job nowadays! :D And yeah working as a teacher in Spain, loving it over there, I'm heading into my fifth year now.

28August1968, I most definitely did meet you at the statue, but I must have known you under a different name back then, as your current username doesn't ting a bell. Did you go by a different name back then?

Rigger, you know me, after so many years chasing glory in League 1, I felt a return to the big time was a great time to come back ;)

Johnh, your username also doesn't ring a bell, but it is nice to meet you!

Hope to keep chatting around here!
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Re: Back again!

Postby trippingflags » 23 Aug 2020, 23:01 we're back! at long last! :)
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