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Postby Davycc » 10 Feb 2017, 21:04

Can I please change my answer to number 6

We both enjoy a footie bet, usually we take at least one opposing team in a bet without knowing ...leads to silence when one or the other scores though.
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Re: Members Questions

Postby Selby White » 12 Feb 2017, 09:29

Loving the answers and footie ones are certainly reminding me of some great times.
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Re: Members Questions

Postby Selby White » 15 Feb 2017, 14:56

Will try answer my own questions to keep this going :-

1. What is your most memorable Leeds Utd match?
Young boy at the FA cup final in 1972, will never forget that day.

2. Tell us about any funny or strange incident that has happened to you at a match.
As a young person that hadn't been driving long I decided to take the car to an away match at Forest.
Stopped at a Pub outside Nottingham for lunch and when setting off the brakes seized, had just got onto a roundabout.
In a panic I jacked it up only for the Jack to snap while car was in the air.
Was causing major tailbacks so decided to try drive the car off the jack, so threw the broken parts in the boot and as I closed it realised that's where the keys were. :oops:
A local came over and was a great help removing the back seat to get to the keys.
Eventually got it back on the Pub carpark to find was an issue with the Clutch. The helpful bloke said he worked at the local garage and we could book it in which I agreed to (swapped phone numbers, home not mobiles back then).
Left the car with him and actually hitched a lift into Nottingham on a Milk Float just arriving in time for kick off.
Got a lift back after match on a coach with the York Branch on as new most of the lads on it.
Had to Hitch Hike to Nottingham a few days later to pick up the car and pay for the repairs.

Moral of the Story - Don't buy a Austin Allegro.

3. Who was your first ever favourite player?
Mike O'Grady

4. Who is your current favourite player?
Ronaldo Vierra (going to be a great)

5. What is your favourite restaurant/food type?

6. What hobbies/pastimes do you share with your partner?
Most things, we've made a decision to do things together as much as possible from Jigsaws to Holidays. I'm currently teaching her Chess and Table Tennis she's going to teach me Backgammon. We love walking so go to the Dales or North Yorkshire Moors often. We also work together on household jobs or gardening. We really are best friends as well as lovers.

7. What is your favourite holiday destination and why?
I'm a City lover and Chicago is my top pick (partly because i'm a Blues fan but it has much more)

8. If you got chance to see any deceased musician who would it be?
Stevie Ray Vaughan.

9. If you were just leaving school again with your adult knowledge what career path would you like to follow?
Actor (meet the new James Bond ;)

10. If you won a large sum of money to give to any single Charity which would you choose?
Cancer Research, lost someone very close a 8 years ago something that changed my outlook on life. Make the most of it while you can.
Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
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