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Re: Childhood Fun

Postby Deleted User 3289 » 15 May 2018, 07:55

johnh wrote:Unfortunately, the jarring caused my teeth to clamp together, breaking both eggs and I swallowed the lot, shells and all!

WTF ?? :wtf:

That's horrific .. :crazy:

What happened to free speech? :angel:
Deleted User 3289

Re: Childhood Fun

Postby Otherworld » 07 Jun 2018, 14:39

[quote="rigger”]I also got into Dungeons And Dragons when I was about 10 when TSR first started exporting the games to the UK.
This continued into secondary school and looking back it was an interesting barrier-breaker in that I played with kids I wouldn't normally mix with. The school equivalent of a smoking shed, I suppose :think:[/quote]

I got into D&D at school too, and 40 years later I’m still playing! D&D is currently going through a bit of a renaissance, and it’s actually how I earn my living.
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Re: Childhood Fun

Postby rigger » 07 Jun 2018, 15:08

I know it, mate :D

Your business Facebook page is one I follow as I used to paint a lot when I was younger.
It started with the usual military aircraft and Subbuteo teams, but when I got into RPGs, I used to visit Citadel Miniatures here in Southampton.
They were one of the best in their field and I think GW bought them out in the end - another great example of their "vertical diversification" business model.
They had some cracking - and bonkers - models for all sorts of gaming and table-top war nuts.

I may have mentioned this before, but I worked for six months in THE Virgin Games store at 100 Oxford St (right about the world famous "Hundred Club") and was usually based in the RPG section at the back of the store. Up front were traditional board games, jigsaws and chess machines, while there was also a small mezzanine level selling a new range of "computer games", whatever they were ;)
This was about 1988 so it was all Speccy and C64 tapes back then.

We sold a good range of figures and I was really into comics back then, getting staff discount (30%) at the Megastore up the road.
I painted a cool Judge Dredd on his bike and a few other big lead models that the store gave to me to help fill the display cabinet. I actually got paid to sit there doing this :D
The Dredd was still in there last time I went but that was about ten years ago and I don't even know if the store exists anymore, it's so long since I was in the area.

I spent twenty minutes with Susannah York once, as she was looking to buy some paints, brushes and figures for her son who was just getting into it all.

I never really used them in gaming - you could get those hexagonal map-making card pieces but that seemed like a lot of hassle for a game you play in your head so I'd just paint them to represent my character - typically a half-elf chaotic good ranger, if I recall correctly :)
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Re: Childhood Fun

Postby Deebo » 02 Aug 2018, 01:15

I still play a bit of D&D now and again too. The new 5th edition rules are quite good.

Funny how many of us are in to it!

I use to buy modules from, any other resources you guys use and recommend? Looking to put together a small campaign, mainly around small one off modules that can be completed in on eor two big sessions.
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Re: Childhood Fun

Postby rigger » 02 Aug 2018, 02:24

I know some students who used to watch anime films together via Skype, if that makes sense ?
I would've thought that would be the perfect platform for a largish group of people to play together even if they can't physically be in the same room :)
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