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Postby Deleted User 3289 » 07 Mar 2020, 20:28

1. If we had a Lufc Talk Football Team what position would you play ?

Used to play CM when i was young and fit, loved being involved in everything. I was fast, fit, and mobile. I'm at the opposite end of all those now, ravaged by injury.

2. If you were talented enough to be a Pro and make a good living at any sport what would it be ?

I have always fancied the battle of the mens Wimbledon's Centre Court. Bring it on. I have to make do with soft ball tennis instead.

3. You could go to watch any major sporting event in the World (other than football) all expenses paid what would it be ?

Few rows back in a fight between Anthony Joshua & Tyson Fury in Las Vegas. The tension, the drama i think it will be great when it eventually happens.

4. If you could attend any Club Football match all expenses paid which would you choose ?

Leeds v Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. :angel:

5. What do you consider your best sporting achievement ?

Doing the Great North Run half marathon in 1hr 36m. You can't beat runners high and i'v been high alot over the years.
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