Life Experiences ?

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Re: Life Experiences ?

Postby NottinghamWhite » 30 Jul 2020, 08:20

A few more
17. Hitch hiked
Yes many times usually from North Yorkshire to London. Never had any problems most people seemed happy to have company. Once walked up to the edge of the road stuck my thumb out a car stopped next thing he was dropping me off in Regents Park.

18. Milked a cow (or goat)
Had a farm down the road as a kid used to go & help out for some free milk, god we were poor.

19. Travelled first class on a train
The only way we travel by train these days.

21. Been on TV
A couple of times once when I was running a hotel in Exeter after the Great Storm of 1987 had devastated a lot of trees in the hotel grounds.
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Re: Life Experiences ?

Postby kk_white » 30 Jul 2020, 10:24

1. Eaten Caviar ? Once, did nothing for me
2. Sang Karaoke ? Once or twice, but only in a very loud & drunken crowd where nobody took any notice
3. Done a Bungee Jump ? Twice in New Zealand - fantastic buzz
4. Drank a Yard of Ale ? Nope
5. Flown in a Helicopter ? No
6. Drove a Classic Sports Car ? No
7. Line Danced ? Nooooooo! Not for me.
8. Stood or sat in the Home section at a Leeds away match ? Does a pre-season friendly in Tolka Park Dublin v Shelbourne count :D ? Considering Shel's average home gate was 1000 and 7000 turned up that night, I'd say it was more the 'home' section :clap:
9. Rode a Tandem ? No
10. Been Potholing/caving ? Yes, in New Zealand same trip as #3 above. Brilliant. Got to the central cave, turned off all our head-lights, then the guide slapped the water - the noise made millions of glo-worms light up on the walls and ceiling - stunning moment.
11. Flown in a Glider ? No
12. Been to a music festival ? Yes, a few.
13. Eaten Sushi ? See caviar above
14. Been a collector of anything (stamps, coins, football programmes, etc) ? A few things in short bursts - Panini Football stickers, stamps, beer mats, Tiger comic
15. Played Backgammon ? Quite a bit, but only socially. Love it
16. Been to a major sporting event in any of the following :-
a) Rugby League - No
b) Rugby Union - Countless time. Ireland internationals, Heineken Cup Finals with Leinster (my club) and Munster. I held season tickets at various times for both Leinster and Connacht (where I live).
c) Horse Racing - A few times. It's one of the few sports I have no interest in, but the Galway Races is a huge festival where I live. For me, it's too much hassle dressing up, negotiating the crowds, losing money on bets and queuing for beer in plastic cups.
d) Cricket - No, but I'd fancy a sunny day out sometime (if that ever happens...?)
e) Tennis - No, but was in the tennis arena in Sydney Olympic Stadium and would love to see a match there.

A few more
17. Hitch hiked ? A few times in my younger days - all good experiences.
18. Milked a cow (or goat) ? No
19. Traveled first class on a train ? No
20. Had a Devon Lock moment ? Don't think so. Had some hurtful defeats in sport over the years, but it was usually bad luck rather than blowing it.
21. Been on TV ? No, but spotted myself at Croke Park singing the National Anthem before an All Ireland Hurling Final - it was on the live TV broadcast, does that count :D ?
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Re: Life Experiences ?

Postby mapperleywhite » 30 Jul 2020, 15:21

Selby White wrote:A few more
17. Hitch hiked

Just the once - was on a truly boring holiday with my parents in Buxton, age 16 probably. I grumbled enough that they let me have a day on my own and I hitched a lift as part of the outing.

18. Milked a cow (or goat)
19. Travelled first class on a train

Yes :oops:

20. Had a Devon Lock moment ?
Been winning at anything thing only to blow it and clutch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Most likely, but I'm in denial about such happenings, so can't recall any examples :lol:

21. Been on TV

Yes, in Czechoslovakia! I was giving a seminar to an audience of perhaps 80 in Brno when the local TV channel turned up and filmed me (without my knowledge at the time). The real expert was presenting in the afternoon and he was the one who should been on the box.

Might have to take an interest in the Premier League now....
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