Can the good people of LUFCTALK spare a few minutes?

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Can the good people of LUFCTALK spare a few minutes?

Postby Sheepy » 05 Aug 2014, 16:51

And answer a few questions?

We received an email a few days ago asking us for help:

Dear LUFCTalk,

my name is Maria and I am a German student of the University of
Dresden. I study English and currently I am writing on my bachelor thesis in
British Cultural Studies and my topic is the fan chant culture in English
football clubs using the example of Leeds United.

For the research I use several different sources, such as forums, the
official website and fanzines. During the research I also came across your
forum and since your site is a significant platform for the supporters and
thereby a mirror of the fanbase's opinion, I was wondering if I could ask
you a couple of questions for the research of my thesis.

I would really appreciate it if you would consider helping me with my

So if you have a spare 5 minutes, can you answer these questions:

1/ Do you think there has been a change in the fan chant culture / atmosphere at Elland Road over the last decades? If so (and if it is a negative change), what could be possible solutions? And is there a general unanimous desire for a new change among the fanbase?

2/ Is it possible at all that the fan chant culture is able to change back to the way it was (before the Taylor Report) or is there no way in this day and age?

3/ Did you notice a commercialisation of the fan chant culture?

4/ Has the club ever requested help or the like from the fanbase regarding the atmosphere?

5/ Do you sense growing difficulties among the fans regarding the identification with players of Leeds United since they cost with every year more and more?

Just answer within this thread and Maria can copy the answers herself. Thanks!
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