Banners - a question for you all

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What should we do with the banner images of players at the top of the page ?

1. Leave them be, but add more over time - they're part of the furniture of the site
2. Lose them altogether - they don't do much and I never liked them
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3. Delete those that are out-of-date (ex players, managers, etc) and add more club favourites from the past to replace them
4. Leave the images, but remove the banners - adding more images to create something more dynamic, including groups of players like the "Strachan, Batty, McAllister and Speed" midfield
Total votes : 10

Banners - a question for you all

Postby rigger » 20 Sep 2014, 19:03

Following on from the discussion about the banners, here's a little poll for you all ...
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