Has to be youth - there is no alternative!

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Has to be youth - there is no alternative!

Postby Deleted User 3237 » 14 Jan 2015, 05:29

Firstly Hi to everyone - been reading all of your posts for a long time! Secondly, I don't know how to do paragraphs on computers - as pc's hadn't been invented when I went to school) so my posts will just ramble on unfortunately with little apparent structure. Although now happily living in S.E. Asia there is never a day that passes that I do not think about or go online to read up on, or even youtube LEEDS UNITED to remind myself about our wonderful teams through the ages. Howard Wilkinson's lot did a fantastic job and often left me purring with content at the high tempo, aggressive yet skilful match play but like most folks for me the LEEDS UNITED of the 70's will never be surpassed. Now onto my ''has to be youth'' heading. As happy as I am with Massimo at the helm - and I am happy) it appears? that financially he maybe doesn't quite have the clout that everyone was hoping for so instead of these never ending teams of very average pro's that can only ever strive for a mid table finish at best - take the hit(div1) invest in the academy & scouting with every single penny available and things will improve. A team comprised of talented academy and scouted kids playing with abandonment in front of 25,000+ weekly will I suggest bear more fruit than journeymen and Serie B imports. Resorting to youth is not new of course especially when finances are tight but many teams resort to it because it frequently works. Final thought; GHF - SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR!
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