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Postby ben87 » 28 Feb 2015, 06:45

I was just thinking of how hard it would be for any team gaining promotion to establish themselves in the premier league( Southampton have done ok.)
Say if Leeds continue the good form and make the playoffs and go up(I don't think we will, this is just for the sake of the thread)
How much money does promotion get you?
How many of our current squad do you think would be able to crack it in the big time?
to me only Silvestri, Bamba, Sharp and Antenucci. though our young crop will probably develop into top class guys.
What players would be available to a club like ours be able to attract? Or what would be a reasonable buy? And would we have the cash to attract anyone special?
Two of the three promoted clubs are in the relegation zone, It's hard to see any championship club really establish themselves sadly. I think we will see more yoyo clubs in the future
Any opinion?
Ramble over :D
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