Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

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Re: Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

Postby Aces » 09 Oct 2014, 14:31

Lee wrote:What a great thread with some great arguments and counter arguments. I say arguments but they're not are they? Just great knowledgeable posts without having to resort in tit for tat sniping. I only wish I was old enough to have seen the players mentioned.

You are right mate, there's no real arguments on this great forum, sometimes strong opinions, but that's just what's great about it, it's not life and death, just healthy discussion. :thumbup:
We are Leeds, we have to believe our new players are good enough, encourage and support them and help them grow in to a team to be reckoned with. MoT
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Re: Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

Postby rigger » 09 Oct 2014, 15:00

Aces wrote:
Lee wrote:there's no real arguments on this great forum

No there isn't !

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Re: Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

Postby NottinghamWhite » 09 Oct 2014, 15:16

johnh wrote:Apparently, Robbie Fowler invested heavily in property and owns half of Liverpool.

That's right I think he's the biggest landlord in the UK. Des Walker owns loads of properties here in Nottingham as well.
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Re: Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

Postby Malcolm Stark » 21 May 2019, 00:55

It's my day off tomorrow. Having a late night reading the second Vera novel by Ann Cleeves (set in Yorkshire as it happens.) Something in the book got me thinking about people I'd love to talk to but can't because they're gone. You need to read Telling Tales. First person came up in my head was this legend.

Since the great man passed away I read Jimmy Armfield's autobiography, start to finish. He said about PM when his contract was under remewal, and when three or four other legends were packing their bags for Hull, Bristol, West Bromwich or retirement, he called Madeley into his office. What do you want, he effectively asked, Armfield that is. You tell me, Paul replied, I don't care. Perplexed, Armfield continued, well do you want one year, two, or three? Paul Madeley said, it doesn't matter. I only want to play for Leeds. You just make the contract so I do, and I'll sign it. I'll leave it here for you.

It's hard not to love Paul Madeley, a true football legend. Is that five years since this thread was last used? I think PM deserves an LUFC Talk Forum record.
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Re: Paul Madeley! One of LUFC's very best, surely?

Postby ilkley62 » 22 May 2019, 18:58

Good post - caught the back end of the Revie era as a kid, can only imagine the impact over the first few years after he arrived it must have been amazing for the fans, club,city as we hadnt really achieved anything before then.
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