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Leeds United Australian connections

Postby Mr Russell » 03 Aug 2015, 02:54

Leeds United/Australian connections

Funnily enough I was considering if I was going to do this but when Nottingham White asked how Patrick Kisnorbo was doing in the A League for Melbourne City it got me to thinking what connections there are between Leeds United and Australia (another good one would be USA/Canada connections as there are quite a lot) and players who have played for both teams (whether its local or international). I’ve also added our lone Kiwi representative (now two due to Wood’s recent signing) as Aussies do like to claim the more successful Kiwis (like Crowded House and a certain Russell Crowe).

I will only concentrating on their Leeds/Australia playing time and not if they went to other clubs and were more successful there etc.

This will also include only league appearances and not cup/European games.

Anything about these players is what I have found on various websites, books and is my own views/thoughts of these players, I am no writer so please excuse any spelling errors or grammar ;) . Sam (Deebo) also suggested that I should post this onto the forum as well.

So here goes (not totally in alphabetical order) –

Michael Bridges (Leeds United/Sydney FC/Newcastle Jets/Lambton Jaffas (Newcastle local league))
Born in England
Striker/Attacking Midfield

Leeds United 56 games 19 goals (1999-2004)
Sydney FC 9 games 2 Goals (07/08)
Newcastle Jets 63 games 11 goals (2009-14)

Was bought by Leeds in 1999 after Hasselbaink’s move to Spain and in his first season he had a very good one with 19 goals in the league which helped us make the Champions League spots by finishing 3rd in the table. The following season ended with a season ending injury in Turkey which he never fully recovered from for the rest of his stay at Leeds and finally left in 2004.

He moved to Australia in 2007 and played for Sydney FC and I was there when he scored for them in a 1-0 victory for the blues over my Newcastle Jets. The 2009/10 season he came to Newcastle and had a very good season as he played 13 games for 6 goals and 6 assists, sadly injury at the end of that season made him miss our finals campaign for that season, the last time we have made the final series. The following season was also curtailed by injury as was the season’s after. By most Jets fans he was well liked and he did at times produce the goods, sadly injuries were more frequent.

He moved into coaching after he retired the first time but he thought he could still produce the goods and he finally retired a second time in 2014 with his last touch setting up a goal for Taggart in a 2-0 win over Adelaide.

He is now playing in the Newcastle local league for the Lambton Jaffas and scored 2 goals in his first game. He was until recently a member of the Newcastle Jets coaching staff but left after the way the club handled a player(s) situation where 5 players tried to get the coach sacked and it failed and they had their contracts terminated as did some coaching staff (not Bridges).

He also part owns a Tapas bar in Newcastle.

Jacob Burns (Sydney United/Parramatta Power/ Leeds United/ Perth Glory)Born in Sydney Australia

Sydney United 60 games 5 goals (1996-99)
Parramatta Power 25 games 3 goals (99-00)
Leeds United 6 games 0 goals (2000-03)
Perth Glory 116 games 3 goals (09-14)
Australia 10 games 0 goals (00-10)

Started his career in the old National Soccer League (NSL) with Sydney United and ended his career last season with Perth Glory. When Perth made the Grand Final in 2012 he won the Joe Marston medal for best on ground in a losing cause as they went down to the Brisbane Roar 2-1.

He did not play many times at Leeds but he did play in the champion’s league vs Barcelona and in Viduka’s four goal blitz against Liverpool. He moved to Barnsley after leaving us where he was the club captain for some games.

Shane Cansdell-Sheriff (Leeds United)
Born in Sydney Australia

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (99-03)

Was spotted playing for the NSW academy team in his younger days but he never played in a league game for Leeds United. He moved to Denmark to play for Aarhus before coming back to England and playing for Shrewsbury Town. At this time he is plying his trade for Burton Albion in League Two. He never played in the A League or the old NSL.

Brian Deane (Leeds United (2 spells)/Perth Glory/England)
Born in Leeds England

Leeds United 138 games 32 goals (93-97)
Leeds United 31 goals 6 goals (04/05)
Perth Glory 7 games 1 goal (05)
England 3 games 0 goals (91-92)

He played for Leeds twice but never really set the world on fire with his goal scoring, although one game in his second spell he did grab 4 goals in a game vs QPR (6-1 win). After Leeds he came to Perth when Steve McMahon (yes the former Liverpool player) brought him over but he did not settle and could only manage one goal in 7 games, in fact the goal came in his last game.

He is thought to be one of the worst imports in A League history.

He made his name more at Sheffield United in 2 spells at the club.

Tony Dorigo (Leeds United/England)
Born Melbourne Australia

Leeds United 171 games 5 goals (91-97)
England 15 games 0 goals (89-93)

Never played in Australia in the A League or NSL and this early clubs were Aston Villa and Chelsea.

He is considered one of the best left backs to play in Leeds colours with his marauding runs down the left and excellent crossing and he was part of our Division one Championship team in the 91/92 season. At the start of the next season he scored in Leeds’s 4-3 charity shield win over Liverpool at Wembley and continued his good form over the next few seasons, sadly injuries crept into his final years at Leeds.

If Stuart Pearce was not around he would have played more times for England (think Bobby Moore and Norman Hunter), funnily enough he was picked to play for Australia in 1986 but his then Aston Villa manager did not release him and said it was a waste of his time playing for them. Choose England over Australia as at that time Australia was still in the football wilderness and probably his cricket sucked.

He moved to Torino after his Leeds stint.

He is now a football pundit around the world.

Robbie Fowler (Leeds United/North Queensland Fury/Perth Glory/England)
Born Liverpool England

Leeds United 30 games 14 goals (01-03)
North Queensland 26 games 9 goals (09/10)
Perth Glory 28 games 9 goals (10/11)
England 26 games 7 goals (96-02)

As we know his career highlights were at Liverpool but he ended up at Leeds for a short time but never really settled although his goal scoring record is not bad for his short time he was here. He moved to Manchester City after his spell with Leeds.

He ended up coming to the A League as a marquee for the now defunct North Queensland Fury and scored some very good goals at the start of the season but faded as the season went on.

His next stop was Perth Glory who was struggling for form at the time and he although he got bums on seats wherever he went the club still struggled and did not make a real imprint on that season. He is still fought of fondly by the supporters of these clubs and his stint in Australia was a success for the competition even if the teams he played for were strugglers at the time.

Hayden Foxe (Leeds United/Perth Glory/Sydney FC/Australia)
Born Sydney Australia

Leeds United 21 games 1 goal (06/07)
Perth Glory 8 games 0 goals (07-09)
Sydney FC 25 games 0 goals (10/11)
Australia 11 games 2 goals (98-03)

Only played the one season at Leeds and his only goal in Leeds colours came in a 5-1 hammering by Luton Town.

Not the best player on the ball and did have various stints around Europe. After his Leeds spell he returned home to Perth Glory but his 2 year spell was full of injuries and a move to Sydney was taken. He helped Sydney win the 2010 championship with some good performances on their way to winning the Grand Final.

Joel Griffiths (Sydney United/Parramatta Power/Newcastle Utd (Aus)/Leeds United/Newcastle Jets (2 spells)/Sydney FC/Wellington Phoenix)
Born Sydney Australia

Sydney United 28 games 4 goals 9 (97-99)
Parramatta Power 51 games 15 goals (99-01)
Newcastle United (Australia) 45 games 28 goals (01-03)
Leeds United 2 games 0 goals (06)
Newcastle Jets 60 games 28 goals (06-10)
Sydney FC 8 games 3 goals (13)
Newcastle Jets 23 games 6 goals (14-15)
Wellington Phoenix 1 games 0 goals (15- present)
Australia 3 games 1 goal (05-08)

A player I have seen a lot of due to him playing for Newcastle United (NSL) and the Newcastle Jets (twice) here in Australia.
His spell at Leeds was short but not sweet and I think due to his personality he would have clashed with then manager Kevin Blackwell who constantly criticised him.

His career started in the old NSL with Sydney United and looked a promising prospect with his moves to Parramatta and Newcastle United.

He finally won something in 2008 with the Newcastle Jets after we won the grand final over the Central Coast Mariners 1-0; his goals helped us on our way that season. He was known for outburst on the field and at one time flicked a linesman’s testicles and got away with it. He did win the player of the year award in our championship ship season.

A lot of Jets fans still love him especially active core group called the Squadron who still sing his name at games, some with a lot of cheek say that he scored the grand final winning goal (he did not).

He has spent a lot of time in China playing with various clubs over there like Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua where he teamed up with Drogba and Anelka but things went sour when payments he was supposed to be getting never eventuated.

He came back to the Jets last season but was one of the famous five this season who tried to oust our coach and had his contract mutually terminated.

After his sacking from the Jets he moved to Wellington Phoenix and was helping them charge towards the finals series but he was dealt a cruel blow as a knee injury ended his season, he is unattached to any club at this time.

Harry Kewell (Leeds United/Melbourne Victory/Melbourne Heart (now City)/Australia)
Born Sydney Australia

Leeds United 181 games 45 goals
Melbourne Victory 25 games 8 goals
Melbourne Heart 16 games 2 goals
Australia 56 games 17 goals

Started out playing for Marconi in his younger days but ended up going to Leeds when he was 15 and won the FA Youth cup in 1997 against Crystal Palace, a game where he played left back in as his younger playing days were at the back. It was George Graham who moved him into forward positions and he thrived on it.

Just before the 97/98 I met Harry in a pub in Newcastle NSW (his uncle owned it) and he spent a couple of hours speaking to me and Garper/Big Leeds fan 72 (former member on this forum) about the upcoming season and his thoughts of playing at Leeds.

In his early days at Leeds he was outstanding and we loved him for that kind of play which excited us, his goal one season against Aston Villa was a stunner and he could forget his goal against Arsenal in 02/03 season, there was many more that we marvelled at during his stay.

But like a lot of stories it went sour and his way out of our club was as sneaky as you could be with his corrupt agent getting him a move to Liverpool, we the fans turned on his underhandedness and most have never (or will never) forgive him for that. To make matter worse he went to that Turkish team we do not speak off and the hate went off the Richter scale.

Injuries curtailed his career once he left Leeds and he came back to Australia and looked for an A League club, he choose Melbourne Victory who obviously offered him more money but also the fantastic lifestyle down there was a big draw, after a slow start he performed very well for them.

After a year’s break and not finding a club in England he moved to Melbourne Heart but injuries came again and he finally retired in 2014.

Aussies love him when he put the Green and Gold on and he put in great performance when Australia beat England 3-1 and he scored one of the goals by putting Rio Ferdinand on his arse.

So much potential but poor choices (with his agent) soured his memory.

Neil Kilkenny (Leeds United/Australia)
Born Enfield England

Leeds United 123 games 8 goals (08-11)
Australia 14 games 0 goals (06-11)

He was brought up in Brisbane but never played in the A League or the NSL.

He moved to Leeds in 2008 after impressing in a game against them for Oldham and was involved in helping Leeds get out of League one in 2010. He could deliver some good passing but was not consistent enough during his time at Leeds.

Near the end of the 2011 season he and his agent did not agree with a contract that was put in front of him and decided it was time to leave the club for a bigger club, he moved to Bristol City.

He now plays for Preston North End under Simon Grayson who was his manager when he was at Leeds.

He has played for the Socceroos and played in the 2011 Asian Cup where Australia made the final, most of his appearances were from the bench.

Andy Keogh (Leeds United (twice)/Perth Glory/Republic of Ireland)
Born Dublin Ireland

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (03-05)
Leeds United 22 games 2 goals (11/12 Loan)
Perth Glory 27 games 12 goals
Ireland 30 games 2 goals (07-14)

Not a noted consistent goal scorer for the teams he has played for but always seems to put in. Started at Leeds but left as he could not find a way into the team. He came back to us on loan during the 2011/12 season for a few months and formed a decent enough partnership with Ross McCormack.

After playing for various clubs he has moved out to Australia and is now playing for Perth Glory where he has been striking the goals in and setting them up as well. Perth are top of the table at the moment (or as I type this) and his influence has been outstanding for the team. His goals (5) also helped Perth get to the FFA cup final where they lost to Adelaide in the final 1-0 but he was best on ground for Perth during that game.

He has just recently left Perth by mutual consent and is looking at offers from abroad, this is due to Perth breaking the salary cap rules last season which knocked them out of the final series.

He has played for Ireland at international level.

Patrick Kisnorbo (South Melbourne/Leeds United/Melbourne City/Australia)
Born Melbourne Australia

South Melbourne 67 games 3 goals (00-03)
Leeds United 49 games 1 goal (09-13)
Melbourne City 25 games 3 goals (13-present)
Australia 18 games 1 goal (02-09)

A well liked Leeds player who always put himself about and the photos with his head bandaged are well known, any photo of our win at Old Trafford shows him bandaged and bloodied but triumphant.

He started his career in Melbourne for the Greek influenced South Melbourne in the old NSL before heading off to the UK and playing in Scotland and England.

He arrived at Leeds in 2009 and was instrumental in helping Leeds get promoted to the Championship although he did miss the end of that season due to an injury he received against Millwall near the end. As Nottingham White said his celebrations at the end of Bristol Rovers promotion game are well remembered.

Sadly that injury put him out for virtually the whole of the next season but he made a sole appearance in the last game of the season when he came on as a sub against QPR. The next season the form he showed in the promotion year slipped and he was in and out of the team for the whole season.

He decided he wanted to come back to Australia and a move to the then Melbourne Heart happened and that is where he is playing this season and although he is getting older he is showing some of the form which made Leeds fans appreciate him so much.
Last season Melbourne was one game off the grand final thanks to Paddy’s contributions during the season.

An Australian international that played 18 games for his country and it could have been more if not for that injury in 2010.

Jamie McMaster (Leeds United/Central Coast Mariners)
Born Sydney Australia

Leeds United 11 games 0 goals (99-05)
Central Coast Mariners 25 games 1 goal (06/07)

Did not get much opportunity to show his worth in a Leeds shirt and ended up coming back to Australia, to play for the Central Coast Mariners for a season.

He is presently playing in the NSW state league for the Sutherland Sharks.

Liam Miller (Leeds United/Perth Glory/Brisbane Roar/Melbourne City)
Born Cork Ireland

Leeds United 28 games 1 goal (05/06 loan)
Perth Glory 49 games 2 goals (11-13)
Brisbane Roar 24 games 3 goals (13/14)
Melbourne City 2 games 0 goals (14/15)

Came to Leeds on loan as we were trying to get back to the promised land, his only goal came in that fantastic comeback vs Southampton where we were 3-0 down and came back to win 4-3 with Miller getting one of the goals.

Sadly the Promised Land was not reached as we lost the play off final to Watford.

He came out to Australia in 2011 to play for Perth Glory and he helped them make the grand final which they lost in 2012 to Brisbane thanks to a last minute penalty.

He then moved to Brisbane Roar where he helped them make the grand final in 2014 in which they won 2-1 over the Western Sydney Wanderers in extra time, he was playing for them this season but was suddenly dropped for 2 games without an explanation and he took offensive to that and asked for a release from his contract.

He was signed by Melbourne City as an injury replacement player for a couple of games but is now plying his trade for Cork in the Irish league.

Danny Milosevic (Canberra Cosmos/Perth Glory/Leeds United/NZ Knights)
Born Melbourne Australia
Goal Keeper

Canberra 14 games 0 goals (95-97)
Perth 17 games 0 goals (98-99)
Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (99-04)
NZ Knights 19 games 0 goals (05/06)

Never got to play a league game for Leeds so never got to see how good he was.

He started his career for the Canberra Cosmos in the NSL and he final club was in New Zealand for the NZ Knights in the A League. The NZ Knights were the team before Wellington came into the competition.

Paul Okon (Marconi/Leeds United/Newcastle Jets/Australia)
Born Sydney Australia

Marconi Fairfield 49 games 4 goals (89-91)
Leeds United 15 games 0 goals (02/03)
Newcastle Jets 17 games 0 goals (06/07)
Australia 28 games 0 goals (91-03)

Started off playing in the NSL for Marconi, which is an Italian influenced club in Sydney before heading off to Europe to play in Belgium and Italy. He was highly rated in those countries as well as Australia.

When he came to Leeds we never got to see the best of him in a struggling team, the season he came to us was when we were struggling against relegation in 02/03 under Terry Venables and then Peter Reid who secured our place in the top division.
His final club was for my Newcastle Jets in the 06/07 and his influence made us make the finals series and we were one game away from the grand final but Adelaide put us out on penalties.

He played for Australia during the dark times but is now the Assistant coach for the Aussie under 23 team.

Paul Reaney (Leeds United/KB Newcastle/ England)
Born Fulham England

Leeds United 558 games 6 goals (62-78)
KB Newcastle 53 games 0 goals (80-81)
England 3 games 0 goals (68-71)

The best ever right back ever to play for Leeds and rightly so his marauding runs and goal line clearances are well known to Leeds fans everywhere and even though he was born in Fulham he will always is a Leeds man.

Can’t believe he only played for England 3 times!!!!!

He played 2 seasons for Newcastle KB United in the old NSL and in his first season there he was named player of the season for 1980.

He still had those famous goal line clearances and attacking runs down the wing. The KB team included another England international in Mick Channon who played several guest appearances for the club. Sadly whilst he was here KB was just an average mid table team. Would be very interested to hear what he thought of his time in Australia in the early 80’s.

Ian Rush (Leeds United/Sydney Olympic/Wales)
Born Wales

Leeds United 42 games 3 goals (96/97)
Sydney Olympic 3 games 1 goal (99/00)
Wales 73 games 28 goals (80-96)

A Welsh legend that came to Leeds at the back end of his career sadly did not set the world on fire for us and once George Graham was manager he played him in right midfield and not striker which he played without fuss. We only got to see him at this best when we played for Liverpool or in a Wales jersey.

He did have a guest stint for Sydney Olympic in the old NSL and played 3 games for them scoring once, that was in a 2-0 win which I remember watching on the TV (sorry can’t remember who it was against).

Mark Viduka (Melbourne Croatia/Leeds United/Australia)
Born Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Croatia 48 games 40 goals (93-95)
Leeds United 130 games 59 goals (00-04)
Australia 43 games 11 goals (94-07)

A noted goal scorer for every club he has played for, he started his career at Melbourne Croatia in the old NSL and he was very prolific at that level which helped him gain a move to Europe and Croatia and then Celtic.

He came to Leeds for the Champions League and their great run to the semi-finals; he started off slow but once he found the net there was no stopping him like in the 4 goals vs Liverpool which we all remember, it was great watching it early morning in Australia I can tell you.

Sometimes he looked slow and lazy (or disinterested) but when he had the ball at his feet that was when he was at his best. He was the top scorer in 4 of the seasons he was with us and his goals in the 02/03 season staved off relegation worries (he hit 20 league goals that year). Sadly the following season was not as good as a fall out with Peter Reid and some discipline problems (red cards) ended in relegation for us, he was still our top scorer that season as well.

He moved on once we went down and continued to play in England with Middlesboro and Newcastle United until 2009 when he retired and has never kicked a ball since.

Shane Lowry (Leeds United)
Born Perth Australia

Leeds United 11 games 0 goals (10 loan)

Came to us on loan during the promotion season but did not really impress the fans that much although in his defence he was played out of position at left back.

He never played in Australia or for Australia and is at this time playing for Leyton Orient in the lower leagues.

Danny Hay (Leeds United/NZ Knights/Perth Glory)
Born New Zealand

Leeds United 4 games 0 goals (99-02)
NZ Knights 16 games 1 goal (03-06)
Perth Glory 3 games 0 goals (06)

The only Kiwi ever to play for Leeds and although he did not play for us that much he did put in when called up. One of his appearances was as a sub in Viduka’s game vs Liverpool when he came on early in the game thanks to an injury to Woodgate.

After his stint at Leeds he moved back to New Zealand and played for the NZ Knights in the NSL and A League and his final club was Perth Glory before going back to New Zealand to play.

Due to Chris Wood arriving this season Chris is the second New Zealand born player to play for the club after Hay.

Kevin Aherne-Evans (Leeds United/ Rochedale Rovers/ Noosa Lions/ Sunshine Coast)
Born Wales

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (98-00)
Rochedale Rovers
Noosa Lions
Sunshine Coast (Now)

Can’t tell you anything about this one, he obviously were playing in the youth teams for Leeds before moving to Queensland and playing in the state leagues there.

Murray Barnes (Leeds United (youth)/Sydney City/Australia)
Born Sydney Died 2011

Leeds United – Youth team
Sydney City 225 games 60 goals (71-87)
Australia 32 games 6 goals (75-81)

Leeds United youth player in the early 70’s for one season, he played most of his career for Sydney City who were a successful side in the NSL.

He also played 32 times for Australia captaining the side on 9 occasions.

Peter Barnes (Leeds United (Twice)/Footscray JUST)
Born Manchester England

Leeds United 30 games 1 goal (81/82)
Leeds United 27 games 4 goals (83/84)
Footscray JUST 2 games 0 goals (89)

This one surprised me to be honest as I had no idea he ever came to Australia to play, Footscray are based in Melbourne and they had a team for a few seasons in the NSL before disappearing off the radar.

One of Allan Clarke’s signings who sadly failed in his time with us, he came in the relegation season and his silky skills were pretty non-existent. After we got relegation he was loaned to the Spanish league before coming back for a season when we were in division 2.

He ended up in Melbourne for a guest stint for 2 games in 1989 and that was it.

Bobby Collins (Leeds United/Ringwood City (twice)/Melbourne Hokoah)
Born Scotland Died 2014

Leeds United 149 games 24 goals (62-67)
Ringwood City 6 games 0 goals (1971)
Melbourne Hokoah 1972
Ringwood City 1972 (player Coach)

A Leeds legend and one who helped start the Glory Years for Leeds United, sadly an injury against Torino put payed to his career at Leeds and although he did make a return to the team he was not at his usual high standard.

In the early 70’s he played in Australia for Ringwood City to begin with and then Melbourne Hakoah before ending back up at Ringwood City as player/coach, sadly problems with the board put paid to his time there and after another disagreement with them he left the club.

Would have loved to have heard his experiences in Australia during the early 70’s but sadly he passed away in 2014.

Sasa Ilic (Bonnyrigg Eagles/ Leeds United/ Serbia)

Born Melbourne Australia
Goal keeper

Bonnyrigg Eagles
Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (2005)
Serbia 2 games 0 goals (98-02)

Started out at the Bonnyrigg Eagles in the NSW state league before heading out to Bosnia, more know at Charlton Athletic and has played at many clubs in Europe and the UK.

He came to Leeds but never got to play in the first time.

He played for Serbia even though he was born in Australia.

Tony Warner (Leeds United (twice)/ Wellington Phoenix)
Born Liverpool England
Goal keeper

Leeds United 13 games 0 goals (06) (loan)
Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (10)
Wellington Phoenix 15 games 0 goals (11-12)

Came on loan to Leeds when Kevin Blackwell was in charge but once he was sacked Dennis Wise after seeing a poor performance dropped him. He came back again 2010 but did not play for the first team.

He was about to sign for Blackburn when an opportunity to go to the A league came up, he grabbed it with both hands and played 15 games for Wellington in the 11/12 season.

Chris Wood (Leeds United)
Born New Zealand

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (2015-present)

Has only just been signed by the club although he did score in the 2-0 friendly win over Everton at the weekend, he was signed from Leicester City in the off season. Now is our second ever Kiwi to play for our club.

Bradley Groves (Leeds United – youth)Born Sydney Australia

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (00/01)
Parramatta Power 2 games 0 goals (01/02)
Northern Spirit 14 games 3 goals (02/03)
8 games 0 goals (03/04)

Moved to Manly in NSW state league (2004-2008)

Never played a first team game at Leeds but did play in the old NSL in Sydney with Parramatta and Northern Spirit, after that he moved to playing in the NSW state league with Manly.

Richard Harrison (Leeds United)
Born England

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals

Leeds was where he played his junior career before moving to Australia and playing for various NSW state league teams such as Bonnyrigg, MacArthur and Fairfield.

Norm Hobson (Leeds United/Moreland/Wilhelmina/Sunshine George Cross)
Born England

Leeds United – unsure of whether he played first team footballer but he was there in 1955 with the club.

After moving to Australia he played for teams such as Moreland, Wilhelmina and Sunshine George Cross in the Victorian State League, he even represented Victoria vs a touring Chelsea team in 1965.
He died in December 2014.

(If you look in the departed thread on LUFCTalk and on page 11 you will see a message (and photo) that I put on the site about this player)

Dennis Hoggart (Leeds United/Sydney Prague)
Born Scotland
Inside Forward

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals (1957-1960)
Sydney Prague (NSW Div 1) (1969)

After spending a few years with Leeds where he did not play in the first team he moved to York and then Stockport. He left the UK in the late 60’s and moved to Sydney where he played for the NSW division one side Sydney Prague.

Vic Ireland (Leeds United reserves)
Winger/Right back

He played for a team in NSW called Corinthians in 1964. Finding information about this guy was hard but I came across this website about him, take a look http://www.psvunion.org/page/show/60671 ... -psv-union
(if this does not work can one of the admins/mods work their magic to people can see this site, cheers)

Anyways he spotted by Don Revie who took him to Leeds where he stayed for 2 years before relocating to Australia. He now lives in America and is still involved around the game. He was captain of the reserve side which included Reaney, Johansson and Hunter.

Harry Sutherland (Leeds United/Hakoah)
Born Salford England

Leeds United 3 games 1 goal (38/39)
Leeds United 5 games 3 goals (41-44)
Hakoah (Victorian Super League) 1950

Joined Leeds in summer of 1938, he did play for Leeds in the war-time seasons. After Leeds he moved to Exeter and Bournemouth and was playing up to 1949.

He moved to Australia after that time and played in the Victorian Super league for Hakoah.

Sean Wilson (Leeds United/Wollongong City)

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals
Wollongong City (NSW Division one) 1977

He never played first team game for Leeds but did play for the juniors.

He moved to Australia and played for the NSW division one side Wollongong City in 1977.

Patrick Antelmi (Leeds United/Blacktown City)

Leeds United 0 games 0 goals

Patrick played for the reserve side for Leeds in the 2012-13 season playing 16 games and scoring 6 goals, he was not kept on for the following season. He is playing for Blacktown City in the NSW Premier league and scored in the FFA cup last week in a 2-1 loss to the MetroStars.
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby new signing » 03 Aug 2015, 04:15

great effort mate :thumbup: :clap:
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby millm103 » 03 Aug 2015, 06:22

Great run down!!!
Patty Kisnorbo had a great year last season in the A-League- Probably in the top 5 CBs.
Getting fairly old and slow and but still aggressive as ever, think he only picked up 1 red last season which would most likely be his lowest return ever!
Still going around again this season but will most likely be his last.
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

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Fantastic post :clap:
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby Deebo » 03 Aug 2015, 07:09

Great effort mate, I love finding out and reading about connections in football.

As a Leeds United fan now living in Australia, its a subject very close to my heart.
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

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Good read Mr R :clap:
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby rigger » 03 Aug 2015, 08:28

Beautiful work, mate !

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby Mr Russell » 03 Aug 2015, 10:33

Thank you everybody, enjoyed looking up all this information about Leeds/Australia, like Sam (Deebo) as we live here its a subject close to us so it was worth while checking it all out. I think the Victor Ireland story is the best one, how he was a Revie player and they thought he could have gone all the way to be an international player but ended up moving to Australia and now lives in America.
Owners come and go but Leeds United will be there forever, for the fans - keep Marching on Together.
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby Wigwam » 03 Aug 2015, 13:16

Great piece, really good read.

Made me think about a couple of people mentioned on there.

Tony Dorigo made me lose my shoe. Away game at Norwich in 1991 (THAT season), Dorigo pings a free kick into the top corner, cue bedlam on the terraces in the away end and much hopping about from me afterwards.

About 3 years ago I was sat on the pirate ship ride in Legoland with my youngest and after I'd got him seated I turned around a realised I was sitting next to Mark Viduka. Totally random.

PS Not sure our new signing Chris Wood will be pleased to find his name in this list. In terms of distance it's like affiliating England with Cyprus!
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Re: Leeds United Australian connections

Postby Mr Russell » 03 Aug 2015, 21:44

Nice little stories there Wigwam re: Dorigo and Viduka who are probably the 2 Aussies I appreciated the most when they played for us back in the day.

I added Chris Wood and Danny Hay who are both New Zealand born players into the listings as Australia/New Zealand have a lot of history and of course we are neighbours plus as I said Australia love to claim all the famous/good Kiwis when they get the chance ;)
Owners come and go but Leeds United will be there forever, for the fans - keep Marching on Together.
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