Why Leeds United ?

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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby johnh » 29 Aug 2015, 21:15

Raised in Liverpool, supported Everton. Dad's job moved us to Leeds. Went to ER several times (1951/52 season) not particularly to support Leeds but to see John Charles play. In 1952/53 and 1953/54 seasons I played for Leeds United Juniors and became a Leeds supporter. As a consequence of National Service in 1954 and two years in Singapore and Malaya I lost track of things at ER and when I returned, John Charles had gone to Juventus. Contacted Leeds about playing football and Raich Carter, who was then manager, said 'sorry son you're too old'!!! Still went and watched though until I started playing again and then only managed the evening games. Like mapperleywhite I think this thread has already been done. Sure I have posted this before.
I once played against Don Revie.
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby 1964white » 29 Aug 2015, 22:00

Born in Headingley in the 50's so following Leeds United, Leeds RL & Yorkshire County Cricket Club was a no-brainer :D
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby NorthumbrianWhite » 30 Aug 2015, 02:06

Born in Hartlepool, Durham and constantly pressured to support Newcastle, Sunderland and even Middlesbrough. Went to see Hartlepool play a few times, but never really developed a passion for them.

A few years back, my mate from Leeds had come up to Hartlepool to see me as the Whites were playing Hartlepool at Victoria Park. He invited me along and I had an utterly unforgettable experience with some amazing people. Instantly loved it, and Leeds United became a passion. I've been to Elland Road over 20 times now with my mate and I'm planning to get a season ticket if work shifts allow for it next year.
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby 1964white » 30 Aug 2015, 08:05

Off to watch Yorks v Somerset at Headingley on Thursday :D
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby Deleted User 3289 » 30 Aug 2015, 08:50

Born Mansfield raised in Pontefract. My dad is a Barnsley fan so you to take me as a kid. But as I became a rebellious teenager me and some mates jumped aboard the local supporters bus and off we went to Elland Rd. We thought we would get amongst the hardcore up at the back of the cop I remember getting up to the back and thinking wow look at all this space infront of this barrier I can lean on it and everything, then we scored and a very harsh lesson was learned that day. Thankfully i survived and the rest is history....
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby MyNameIsMark » 30 Aug 2015, 09:22

Born in Chapel Allerton & raised by my mum - an Everton fan - but everyone else around me supported Leeds.

Weirdly, I actually had a Liverpool strip at one point but don't remember wearing it & I'm pretty sure it was a gift from my uncle, taking the p**s!
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby Babosh » 30 Aug 2015, 09:56

Was born in Keighley and my parents were living in Bingley till I was about 5, but then decided to move down south to the West Country. My Dad wasn't really into football, but my Uncle was a staunch Leeds supporter who took me to my first game at Elland Rd, albeit it being a 0-0 draw with blackburn (when they were champions) the atmosphere and passion amazed me. Been riding the Rollercoaster that is being a Leeds supporter ever since. Incidentally my brother who is 2 years the younger went for Liverpool, but much to my uncle and Grandparents (still living in Thackley) delight I stuck with the Mighty Whites!

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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby jslufcAUS » 30 Aug 2015, 11:26

In my early teens and football mad(or soccer in AUS at the time), I was absolutely obsessed with the premier league and my only source was a 30 minute highlight show on SBS monday nights. Of course the most successful AUS forwards at the time were Kewell and Viduka.........
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby Mr Russell » 31 Aug 2015, 07:57

Born in Keighley West Yorks, (now live in Australia)

At school you were either Leeds or Liverpool, I made the right choice ;) plus I have a healthy dislike of red (no nothing to do with manure either).
Owners come and go but Leeds United will be there forever, for the fans - keep Marching on Together.
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Re: Why Leeds United ?

Postby white65 » 31 Aug 2015, 10:53

Born in Bristol My brother took me to see City a few times, Then Swindon a few times but it was in 65 I decided on the whites and have followed them through thick and thin since.
My favourite players were Terry Cooper When he went on his dribbling runs he could beat any one!
Also Mick Jones he had courage I saw him at old Trafford score a great goal which I think he broke his collarbone scoring
Sadly I don't get to ER but I get to some away games last one was Reading Dire game but our support was great as usual always singing!
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