Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

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Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby Deleted User 130 » 19 Oct 2013, 08:29

This is the friendliest LU forum I know and am a member of but recently, as some of you will have noticed (in the 'THAT offside goal' thread) that a certain individual has been sniping at me. I've seen too much cyber-warriorness behaviour un my time before, but rarely on here. I would like to put the record straight because Malcolm has really peed me off this time, not least because he has been trying to play 'the victim' when that isn't actually a true scenario at all.

For the record, I possibly went a bit too far with a 'daft' comment in the 'Clough!!!' thread, and I also think MS took offence at something that contained no deliberate offence whatsoever. To remind you, he tried comparing the skills of a top football player with those of a postal worker. I remarked that such a comparison was daft as footballers have much more diverse skillsets and there is more skill involved in playing at the top level than there is in postal work. I meant absolutely zero offence to postal workers - I have worked as a postie, I have friends and relatives who are in that sector too - but I publicly apologised anyway, whilst trying to explain my point as I might have misconstrued his meaning. Regardless, MY comments were misconstrued and I don't recall Malcolm acknowledging my apology or explanation, nor has there been any apology from him for saying at times that I came out with Malecowpoo.

And yes, he has been complimentary about my work but it has generally been followed by negative personal comments, like last night on the now locked thread. Last night's remarks aimed at me (and Mellor too, for some unknown reason) were more than enough to take. I'm not exactly a saint but I try to be respectful and friendly, if taking the mick more than I should occasionally :oops: but I don't partake in this great forum to be sniped at or wound up.
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby saintjimmy » 19 Oct 2013, 08:43

I find this site very friendly , I may be one of the "quieter" posters but that's me in a nutshell , all the lads and lasses on here seem sound , and I'm sure it will always be that way.

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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby 18longleeds » 19 Oct 2013, 08:50

missed the trouble and just saw Bogdans post at the end. It very rarely comes to the boil here but as quick as it does it simmers down. Hopefully you will be having a few cyber pints this time next week and all will be forgotten.
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby PockWhite » 19 Oct 2013, 09:07

Since MS came on here, he certainly appears to have stirred things up quite a few times and (IMHO) not always for the best!
I've met several posters off here and very much enjoyed a pint or two with them (including ONS) and there are a number of others, who I hope to meet for a beer and chew the fat with, so to speak. :D
It is true to say that (unless you happen to be friends in real life as it were) none of us 'know' each other and initially it's our support for LUFC, that brings us together on here, int first place.
If, and I do say if, MS is anything like his cyber persona in real life, then, with all due respect, I'd pass on the opportunity to have a beer/chat etc.
He strikes me as the type of person who believes in there being 2 opinions about things. His own and the wrong one, and as such you can't have an interesting, or even reasoned, debate/discussion about anything with people like that. And we've all met such folks in life.
That's my take on things, for what it's worth, at this point folks.

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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby Malcolm Stark » 19 Oct 2013, 12:41

I only reopened that thread to wish Davy all the best after he'd said he was worried about his job. That post by Davy did mean a lot, and I felt it appropriate to say it there.

Last thing I wanted was to re-open that old argument.

It's hard for me to say anything in defence after last night. I've apologised to Mellor, and he's said he's happy with that, but I accept I'm on shaky ground here. I like to think that On the threads I started, mainly the Paul Madeley thread and the Clough thread, I've argued/discussed the subject okay, and never got abusive, but I've reacted to a few things Rob has written I admit. I've always been respectful to Leeds United on here, their fans and players.

I will say that Rob did say on more than one occasion that at least he knows what he's talking about in the threads in which we've discussed matters from the 70s. I've never told anyone who disagreed with me that I felt they didn't know what they were talking about, but I know who's more valuable to this Forum between me and Rob.

I leave it up to you, but there are no wholly good guys nor wholly bad guys in this issue. Things have spiralled to what pretty much amounts to a bit of petulance from myself, but nothing more.

For that, I apologise to all in the Forum, whatever people decide. If Rob feels that he has to go if I stay, then I'll gladly go.
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby Deleted User 130 » 19 Oct 2013, 17:41

I explained my 'I know what I'm talking about' remark', it was an error on my part, I should have said more and I can totally see why it was misconstrued because it was my error. For me Malcolm, you haven't had the class or decency to apologise, you can do what you want. Stay here mate, I'm not.
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby PockWhite » 19 Oct 2013, 18:11

Can someone who knows ONS better than I do and/or has regular contact with him, please try and get him to stick around, if possible?
Malcolm, for what it's worth, nice one, not!!

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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby Aces » 19 Oct 2013, 19:26

I was looking at emigrating to Australia and joined a couple of forums and the aggro on there was really bad, plus they had moderators who if they liked you, let you get away with a lot and there was a lot of Trolling. You would be surprised how nasty someone could get just by saying something nice about another country, I found them pathetic really and took the piddle out of them, but on here ????? I haven't seen anything really, we all support super Leeds, well 99.9% of us and any little spats, need to be kicked in to touch IMO.
We are Leeds, we have to believe our new players are good enough, encourage and support them and help them grow in to a team to be reckoned with. MoT
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby rigger » 19 Oct 2013, 19:38

I joined this forum because of trouble on another.
I say joined, but I actually joined up when Sheepy set it up but never really got stuck in the first time round. I found it hard to focus on two Leeds forums and I knew personally many posters on the other site.
I actually left that place after 15 or so years, since being a member from the beginning. I know the founder personally, having modded with him on the SI Forums years ago. It broke my heart to walk away. I still see my many friends from it on a regular basis, a lot of the time away from Leeds. Heck, I even went to Berlin for a boys' weekend with a couple of them last year.
But I left.
I left because of one scumbag. One troll. One WUM. I could easily write loads more insults and I look forward to the day when I actually come face to face with him just so I can see the man behind the mask. I know it'll be a Wizard of Oz moment because he talks big but really isn't and I know I'll actually feel sorry for the muppet as I walk away for real, but it's something I look forward to anyway, just for closure.
Having been a mod and having managed people for most of my adult life, I would like to think I know people.
I actually hate conflict and always try to avoid it.

This has been coming for a while.

All I would like to say to ONS is do whatever is in your heart.
I did it once at the former forum and I went back because people there asked me to. They said they'd manage the troll ... but they didn't. He's still there and I'll never go back while he's active.
So, what I'm saying is you may feel angry enough to leave right now and you'd be right to, but if you change your mind or if you miss the place in a week or so, come back. It's worth it. You may find you can forget about it. You may find you get the apology you want. You may find the place has improved immeasurably because of what's happened. You may also find you still feel the same.

... but keep an open mind, whatever you decide to do today.
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Re: Slept on it but nope, I'm still not happy.

Postby Selby White » 19 Oct 2013, 20:16

What you say at the start of your post is spot on, this is one of the friendliest forums going (probably in 1st place). I don't know anyone personally on here but since joining have always felt welcome, lets face it most of us have something in common, a love for Leeds Utd.
All I would add to what others have said is don't let one individual spoil it for you.
Whatever you decide, good luck to you.
Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
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