Average away attendances

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Re: Average away attendances

Postby Deleted User 2 » 06 Nov 2013, 13:08

I'm guessing it's mainly from the generation who have started following in the 60s and 70s and have kept the allegiance or passed it on to their children, regardless of where they live nowadays?
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Re: Average away attendances

Postby Sheepy » 06 Nov 2013, 13:28

NottinghamWhite wrote:It's always been the same Mate, out of towners as we are lovingly called often out number the Loiners. Same at home when I had my season ticket the fans around me were from Leicester, London, Newcastle and Coventry.

I suppose it depends on where you're sat!
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Re: Average away attendances

Postby NottinghamWhite » 06 Nov 2013, 13:31

Sheepy wrote:
I suppose it depends on where you're sat!

Yup there is that but as I have said before on here you only need to look at the coach park, railway station and varying motorways heading out of the city to see how many travel to games. Have always had huge respect for the lads that travel up to every home game from Cornwall, now that is fanatical support :clap:
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