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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 20 Aug 2019, 11:50

Good start - Saturday - how pleased?

It’s very fast to do some analysis with only three games. Of course, any comment right now is without the right time to draw conclusions. In the three games, they were different. Give a point of view without enough numbers is not the right thing to do.

Team news?

Cooper, Douglas and Alioski are doubts, but we cannot rule them out.

Strength to deal with absences?

We have brought some players in and some have gone in the summer. We are starting the game with the same players from last year. We have fewer injuries than last season. We have some players on the bench who have the skill to unbalance a game when they come on. A comparison with last year is not the right thing because the situation is different. We had more irregularity with selection last season.

Back-ups ready to play?

We have no doubt these players are ready. The idea is to have 18 who can play in the first XI. Costa and Nketiah are at this level.

Jansson - reception?

He deserves to be received with the right reception (?). He was the best player last season. I cannot talk about his previous years because I wasn’t here. He did a high level last season. I appreciate what Jansson gave to the team. I think the fans are going to be fair and recognise what Jansson did here.

Penalty takers - philosophy here?

We have players who are good in this situation. More than one player.

Players decide?

I don’t know the meaning of the question, but the player who takes the penalties is the best player for it. We think they’re the best player for it. We take notes about how they take penalties in training. You can evaluate this easily. You can take a clear report about who is best for penalties. After, it’s not the same to do this in games. During the game, pressure can have an impact. Sometimes you cannot give a simple answer.

Psychological boost of the start?

In all the circumstances, it’s important to win. Any circumstance will not make winning complicated. Of course, we don’t want to be satisfied when you are watching one dynamic with the good results.

Last season fuelling the players?

If you are thinking about last season, you can feel this pain. We are positive to change this situation. The illusion, the motivation to go from this disappointment.

Bamford - golden boot race

In football, be thinking about what is going to happen is so difficult. He has skills to carry on scoring in this way.

Forshaw - under the radar - development under you?

Only I didn’t have an influence on Forshaw because when I started with him it was last summer. He was the best player in the team before his injury. In this period, the contact was minimum. Everything Forshaw does in the games are inside of him.

Brentford prediction

Brentford is a different team. I have a different future you cannot link with previous teams. They sold some very good players, but bought very good players too. Then they need time to watch how they work as a new team.

Keeping Jansson quiet

We know Pontus’s strengths. The idea is to avoid what he does well, but this is normal in football. This is the game. You have to try to avoid the strengths of the other teams in games because this is key. You are not going to make a difference even if you know the player.

Best attack to face so far this season?

This is a good reference. You are right.

Injury issues?

They don’t have anything which will make them avoid tomorrow, but you have the need to be safe with them. It’s going to depend on how they feel.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 21 Aug 2019, 22:37

Close - deserved result?

We deserved to win. We dominated. We didn’t create a lot of great chances, but enough to make a difference.

Started to doubt the result?

You never know with this type of game, which are on the limit. Sometimes in these games when you are looking for a goal you can concede. The team defended well and didn’t do anything bad. It was a physical, demanding game. The best moments were when we attacked.

How pleasing the subs?

It was something casual (?). Something lucky because it doesn’t happen very often. The skill of coaches is not based on who makes the passes and scores the goals.

Shows strength in depth of squad?

Costa is a balanced player on both sides and Nketiah can make an impact through the middle.

Pleased with defence after four games?

We defended well. The opponent didn’t have enough clear chances. When we are playing against one team with five strikers, with three players in the first XI and two as subs, so it’s something important to make the difference.

Nketiah pleasing?

When one striker scores with very few minutes, you cannot say a lot of things about this.

Matched 18/19 start

The right thing is not to divide the league in parts. Of course, the points we have is good. Now, we have to keep this and do this more times. This is why any comment right now is not enough.

Nketiah and Bamford play together?

It depends on the needs of the game. According to the opponent and what they are doing, we may go with two strikers. Sometimes players with a lot of strikers can have positive and negative impacts. They key is to read the game and make a decision game by game. It is important to play both together. They mix well. One is right-footed and the other left. Down the sides. Can play one in front and one in behind. They can make the link and make movements.

Nketiah a favourite with the fans already - important to help him settle

Of course, when the fans support the players it is something which can stimulate and have an impact.

Pleased with the reaction to last term's disappointment?

The important thing is to make the points needed for promotion. Each game is an opportunity to win more points. It’s how we feel, but now we have all the competition to play and a lot can happen. It’s impossible to analyse what can happen after nine months.

Bielsa feeling stronger after one year behind him here?

Last year we missed a lot of players in each game. We would have fewer players in each game. Our possibilities will increase with fewer injuries. Same this year. Number and quality of the players is there. We wish to have the majority of the squad available for each game.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 23 Aug 2019, 11:54

Team news

Dallas or Shackleton and Cooper or Berardi, the rest the same.

Temptation to include Costa and Nkeitah

It’s an option that is in the team. Each of them have two alternatives. During the season the 18 players in the squad will play.

Is Nkeitah likely to play on the left this season?

This player has more skills to play like a winger. Because he is the kind of player that we think of in these kind of positions.

Barry Douglas

We are thinking about him for the match in the cup.

<How is his situation?>

What I said before. We are thinking for the next match. So we are close to know how ready he is play.

First four games - is there a feeling that you play better away from home?

The two games that we play away were less physically demanding, less close. Maybe it was this but not because it was away or at home.

Same start as last year - how is this year's team different?

It was a very good performance at the start of last season.

But it’s true in the same time that to compare last season with this year it’s too early. Only four games so we have to wait.

What do you expect from Stoke City?

The distance between the teams in the table is rare, when you play it’s too close.

In Championship everyone knows every result is possible. In the first game Fulham can win, to quote one example.

For us it will be much harder. For them they have very good quality in the players.

Clarke not featured much - how does he see his involvement coming on?

For me he’s an important player who has very good individual skills, one v one.

There are reasons enough to say nothing is special about why he is not in the 18 players in the last two games.

We have a lot of matches in the month of August. Very probably the next game on Tuesday a lot of players who didn’t play before will be in the squad.

In this moment I am focusing three wingers. They are putting in good performances, but Clarke will be in or be a substitute of one of them.

Jordan Stevens is another option.

Dallas and Cooper injuries

They could play tomorrow. But always I tell you all the things we know every day.

Dallas and Cooper are resting today to try to recover well. Liam has a kick in the ankle and Dallas is a muscle problem, nothing special. Hopefully they play.

If not, like I told you tomorrow.

Did you work on the psychology of the players over the summer - is it something you believe in?

The physiology as a tool is very important and obviously the physiology in the squad is very specific too. It’s a specific work in the squad you need to develop and learn so it’s important.

At the same time there can be too many people in the role in specific teams.

Above all because in football it’s true that there is a wall to introduce this specific man in a squad. The football know that this type of person comes into the team is the reason where there is people in the team to do this job.

Are you impressed with how the squad have recovered mentally?

You know that we didn’t promote, the way to improve this is to get promoted.

So what we are thinking now is late. Out of time. At the same time with just five games we can talk about if they have recovered from last season or the opposite.

It could be a bad result shows a weakness and at the same time when you are in a top performance, no indication that you have recovered mentally.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 29 Aug 2019, 11:49


All the players are going to be available.


Not Ayling or Roberts.

Attitude on Tuesday night?

It’s something I appreciate a lot. These facts increase the frustration of not giving the fans a present.

How big a factor is the fans' positivity?

We wish we had continued in the cup because it was a good scenario to give other players an opportunity, the young ones, it’s key to give them that experience and good for those players not playing regularly because it gives a demanding level similar to the league.

Leif Davis progress

He was one of the players that had a positive performance in that game. He didn’t make the mistakes he made in previous games. He made corrections.

Will he make league squad?

Of course he can.

Clarke development

He showed in previous times he’s an unbalanced player. He has to show it again these skills he has. Harrison, Costa, Stevens, Clarke and Pablo can all play as wingers. He’s fighting with these players for a chance. He competed in previous times with Alioski as a winger too. Now he needs to do the same.

Needs to improve?

He is fighting for his position like everyone. He is doing this. I am always watching. I analyse the training, cup, Championship or under-23 games and his behaviour and after this I make my conclusions. I am thinking he will be in the team, but sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong.

Important to finish well before break?

It doesn’t make any difference. If we don’t have this break we want to win the game in the same conditions. The winning is always positive in any moment.

Swansea impressions?

They are showing a good level. They have a very clear idea of how to play. They are solid. They know how to defend and how to attack. At the same time, they have good links in their transitions.

Surprised by Swansea?

I am not surprised by their start. The results are deserved. They continued a squad from the previous year. Arrives some player with high prestige in the competition.

Cooper for Scotland

This is something which recognises his performance. He deserves it. I congratulate him for this. For me, he deserves it. Opinions on national teams are always a risk because these decisions are made by team-mates or colleagues. This is why I can appreciate this selection of players.

Why were you confident you could improve last season's squad? Harrison etc

Sometimes the good players are the same players.The same players are different too. When you repeat the first XI and you are working with the same players you can be more focused to control some details because the gross idea of the team has these ideas. This is relative.

When you given an answer you try to say things you can defend. Working again with the same players means you can control more details, but at the same time you get new players to improve the squad from last year. One of the most important is to have two or three options in each position. Then the level of competition increases the possibilities and skills.


It’s the same answer for Clarke. We are working with a small group. We analyse everything the players do. We selected these players because we trust their skills. We think they have the skills to fight for one position in the team. As I said, after analysis I am selecting who is the best to play knowing I can be wrong. Making everything possible.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 13 Sep 2019, 13:30

Pleased with Phillips deal?

It’s very good for him. He deserves it and it’s very good for the club. Of course, it’s very good for the team as well. Very deserving for him.

How important is Phillips?

He’s a player who has developed a lot. He defends well. He has improved a lot in the air and with his agility. He moves the ball really well. He can grow a lot more.

Difficult to replace him?

Forshaw can do a lot of things Kalvin does, within the club. The difference is Kalvin has 16 matches in this position and Adam none (centre-back). Of course, we all think another player in this position, a parallel, in our group are Forshaw and White. From the young players, we are trying to develop two options for the end of the season.

Barnsley - Roberts?

Yes. A possibility.

Injury news?



Ayling is healthy. Next Monday or Friday he will play with the under-23s to get fitness.

Dallas and Cooper deals - make the step up to the PL if they did it?

Last match, Dallas played Germany. If you watch this match you will find an answer to your question. Cooper played against Belgium’s strikers. Russia as well. Without seeing the result he left a very clear message answering your question. He left a clear message he can play against top-level players.

Mindset for a derby game?

We never faced a team like this. Different kind of team. They press high. They run a lot. The position they have in the table is not linked with their play. This team is built to play moving the ball in a good way. I don’t know the manager, but the team speaks for him. The team shows new things.

Matches not won - created chances - what can you do to improve taking those?

This is a question I have answered around 30 times. The lack of efficiency has been a characteristic of the team. I think your question is good and proper because the question represents the reality of the team, but I cannot add more than I have said before. Last year we needed between four and five chances to score, now, we need six chances to score. The team has improved defensively. The aspect we need a lot of situations to score and still we defend well. It is difficult to manage that.

If you classify the way we receive goals, I will propose one. Set-pieces, crosses, throw-ins, long balls from the opponent, when they build their attacks from defence, where the way they move and play beats us. I really know this qualifications, how I classify these ways of conceding. Today we told the players about these situations. In the Forest match and against Swansea, I think were two of our best defensive performances. We lost five points, which is our team’s challenge. We cannot get what we deserve.

This period where we deserve more, show and convince ourselves it’s gone for us. We cannot forgive ourselves, we cannot get what we deserve. This is a world which is linked to being strong mentally, taking good decisions. Opportunity to do the right thing on the pitch. Individual and collective character, experience, manage the moment of the game, all the things we have not tried yet. We can observe it. Talk with the players, question the group, you will see all I am talking about. There is no one exercise to resolve it.

The same in the attacking play. Most of the time, the efficiency has no relation with the training. The training is necessary, but you have other ways. We still receive goal chances from set-pieces, less than before, but we still receive. It’s not because we don’t train that they create this danger. I coach the players as well. We are facing an important challenge for us. This means we get what we deserve. Don’t accept unfair things are lucky as a reason, it’s not going to allow us to succeed.

Bielsa on form again

Be careful as maybe what I said is not correct!
We use long answers and who listens to the answers is then tired and he says okay very good very good

On Stevens' ban

The mistake he made was in the rules. The ban he received there are a lot of possibilities.
I think it's good there's a sanction for everyone to remember that if you do this mistake afterwards you will have consequences. But the ban is longer. The ban does not allow him to train. Because if you are a professional and you cannot train with the group afterwards you will need to or three more weeks to get the fitness so I don't know if the people who took the decision of not playing or training for six weeks, afterwards you have two more weeks where you cannot compete or he can compete but without a good fitness. I don't feel I have the authority to make an opinion because I ignore the English culture in this sense. It's the way to protect the sport and afterwards you can make an opinion about a lot of things.

Efficiency - how frustrating to have an issue which is so hard to resolve?

The manager always can influence that and improve it. He can work on the confidence. There are a lot of ways to help the players. That is not necessary to repeat things in the training.

Footballers, ask them why they think we are inefficient with our chances, for example, the crosses from the sides to the box are a really important resource for the offensive play. When everybody’s watching there’s a possibility to cross, they claim the player crossed and there is not a good option in the box and it’s better not to cross. In this decision about no crossing, after the team cannot find a better option than this one. Sometimes it is better to not do something, trying to find something that may find a better result. if the player knows there is nobody to receive the cross, keep the ball and maybe the situation develops which doesn’t allow the cross.

I realise that watching City and Barcelona. They can cross, but do not. The next situation after not crossing is worse. This next situation after not crossing has an objective to find a better solution.

People think Phillips is ready for PL - how would he have coped with Bilbao, Marseille, internationally with you?

This hypothesis to think about this, I need to verify this. I was talking about Cooper v Lukaku, but if he never played against Lukaku I would never know. I think Kalvin has the level, but I hope he has the chance to show to everybody he has this level.
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