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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 09 Jan 2019, 13:31

Lewis Baker situation

I have the same information as you. It’s not official yet, but it’s something true. It was something in the contract. Obviously Chelsea and Baker chose to use this article to go back.

Opinion on Baker and possible replacement

He was always inside the group. Even if it’s true he hasn’t played a lot. Maybe he felt we did not value him at the right level. The only time I talked to him about this subject I not only told him I wanted him to stay with us, I told him even into the next year I wanted to keep him, but I understand he took another decision. He had legitimate expectations to play more. The last game he played in the FA Cup, for me he has a positive performance and, for me, this was a starting point for his development inside the team, but I can understand he took a different decision.

Transfer priorities

First I will see what the possibilities are of the club to bring in players. What kind of players the club can add to the team. If they are better than what we have. Obviously we had Blackman with us, but not anymore. Saiz and Baker left and we didn’t want them to leave. When I say it was not our decision to make him leave, but me as the head coach, as a club, it was his decision.

I can’t ignore the fact we have lost many players in the past few weeks, but we can adapt to the situation. We can solve these difficulties. Dallas, Berardi, Blackman are not here, outside the group. Liam comes back to the group. Douglas is not in the group. A fifth absence is Kalvin Phillips, who is suspended. Saiz and Baker are not inside the group.

Bamford is absent too. Pablo Hernandez will find it hard in the next game, so we are missing many players, but for me, it’s not an excuse. We have the obligation to win the next game and we can win the next game. We just lost the last three games, the last one we deserved to lose, but the two Championship games, we didn’t deserve to lose them.

We have no excuses not to win against Derby. We have the players we need to reach the win with optimism. Obviously, it doesn’t matter if we have 10 players less or not.


Making himself clearer on transfers:

We are lacking 10 players. If the club can bring players it will be only if they are better than what we have. In the next few weeks we will have Dallas with us, Berardi, Phillips, Brown, Bamford, Douglas all too. In 10 absences it will be a big reduction with these returning. That’s why I clearly say if nobody comes we will solve the problem anyway and I can’t give you the positions because it depends on the quality of the players we get. If we need a midfielder and if we can bring him here, but if he’s not good we won’t take him. We will add great players that will be better than those we have, that means an important investment for the club.

That can solve the fact Vieira left, Saiz left and Baker left. We were not expecting these exits. The main investment the club did couldn’t be an addition to us. The main investment was Bamford and he played for a short time, got injured, played for a short time and got injured. Blackman also got a six-month injury.

Dallas and Berardi also suffered severe injuries. The club can’t forecast all these things.

Do you recommend players?

No. He proposes to me, players and I give my opinion.

Unlikely a previously coached player will come here?

The one who is looking at the market is Victor and he looks at the window and tells me what are the possibilities and I give my point of view. I, honestly, haven’t mentioned any player I had before, but if it was the case I am sure he would talk about it with me.

Hernandez doubt

He could play on Friday. I can’t say 100 per cent he won’t play, but if there is even a small doubt I wouldn’t like to take any risks with him over another injury. If it’s up to him it’s a feeling. If it was up to him he would play because he’s a generous player. He should play only if we are sure it can’t get worse.

Important game - how significant to win and send message?

We need to win the game because we lost the last two, because we are playing a team going up (in form) and they are playing with a style and if we can win against them taking their style into account it would be very good for us.

Liam Cooper

I went to see the game on Monday versus Hull City. He played an hour. He is in good condition to come back to the team. He has a very good first pass, he is good with the aerial balls, he is our captain and he deserves to be our captain.

When he’s inside the team he makes the team stronger.

Will Cooper help with set-pieces?

Yes. When these players play, Ayling, Berardi, Phillips, Cooper, Jansson, we have great headers. When you don’t have them it affects the team.

Different Derby game to August?

Derby’s not the same team anymore. They are a lot better now as a team. I don’t think it’s going to be the same game. We have the conditions to try to win against this. We can’t rely on the fact we played against them five months ago. It will not be similar. Both teams are very different.

How are the rested players

Klich needed to rest to get some rest. He played all the games with us and his national team, Pablo had the injury that he still has now, Jansson had a small problem that is now over, Cooper came back after many several week's absences. And Roofe also had a small problem that is now also over. It was good also for him to get some rest.

How will you replace Pablo if he is out?

Roberts will play if Pablo doesn't play. He had three chances to score (against QPR) so this is very good for a no 10. Then in the build up of the offensive play he didn't have the same impact, he was influential because he participated in three important chances to score but he didn't build the offensive play that could help the team. Pablo builds the attacks and Tyler is more focused on finishing the attacks and with Klich he can adapt to any player that plays with him.

Barry Douglas latest

Between two and three weeks but I can't give you a final answer to that.

Would this be the most satisfying win if you can get it?

The problems that the teams has are not an excuse to try not to win the game. If you have a look, Douglas and Pablo are missing and we can find a solution for both positions.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 17 Jan 2019, 13:19

On Stoke

“It was an important win in August over Stoke, aside from the three points.”

Difficulty in analysing Stoke with new boss

We prepared the game taking into account the starting XI of the opponent. Taking our starting XI into account: Forshaw, Pablo, Clarke (didn’t get the other names).

We want to show we can have a positive several results in a row.

Injured players - update

Berardi will play next Monday and if everything goes well he will be in the group for the next game. Dallas started the training sessions with the group today and Douglas will do the same tomorrow. They won’t play next Monday, but they will the following under-23s game. If everything goes well they will be in for the next game after that.

It will be the same for Bamford. Maybe he will need a little more time. These three players will be available in the next 10 days. Also, Phillips will come back as he will have his three-match suspension over.

We solved the absence of Blackman with the signing of Casilla.

Casilla attributes

He’s a complete player. He’s good in the aerial game. He’s a good player when he has to block shots from the opponent. He is a player with personality. He is good with his feet and with balls in the air. We can’t say one of these aspects is a strong points, but I don’t see any weak points.

Fit enough to play now?

Today has been his first session with us. He won’t play against Stoke, even if he’s fit to do it, he won’t do it.

We’ll see the evolution in the next few days and take a decision.

Relief to focus on the football

A big relief.

Izzy Brown

He is fit. The figures we take into account when a player hasn’t played for a year, these figures show a player needs six games to recover his fitness and be ready for a high competition game.

We’ll see with the passing of the games if six is enough, too much or not enough.

Stoke thoughts - under perfoming?

We can’t have any doubt about the quality of their players. Just look at the games they play. It’s a team which has the skills to have a higher rank than the one they have now. Every time I look at the results after a game we have more unexpected results than expected ones. The attractive aspect of the Championship are these results.

If I had to describe the Championship, the one who is supposed to win does not win necessarily. If the favourite team wins it’s never easy for the favourite team.

Impact Brown can have

Brown has to show he can play. Not to me, obviously. He will have to prove himself. He has been elected the best player of the Championship some years ago.

Discussion around Brown’s success at Huddersfield.

I’m taking this example to show he has already shown his skills. When you don’t play for a year you have doubts about the level of a player. It’s not about confidence because Izzy Brown is very confident. It’s not about work because he’s a very serious professional. The idea is to take his willingness, his confidence and his work to be at the olace where he has been in the past. This is a work we are all involved in, implicated in. We have hope about it.

United are the best team this season - important to remember that?

What happened in the last few days is something complex. The focus was put on that and not on the football.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 24 Jan 2019, 13:25

Yorkshire derby - do you feel you have to win?

We have to win all games.

The last result doesn’t give more importance to the obligation to win.

Has spygate become a distraction? Are you looking for a quick resolution, one way or the other?

What’s happening is the consequence of my behaviour and I have to take the repercussions

We are already focusing on football. It’s not about what I would like. I am not in the condition to give a point of view on this.

On Jack Clarke - important he stays at Leeds for his own development?

The important thing is the opinion of the club and of course the opinion of the player.

On Emiliano Sala. Does he know him from Argentina?

I played against him. What happened to him is very painful. Very, very painful.

How likely are you to play Casilla at Rotherham?

Casilla will start. Phillips will play in place of Jansson.

Has Clarke being distracted by the speculation?

We haven’t talked about this subject. I didn’t talk about it with him.

Is he very focused on his work?

We have many young players that arrive at the high level. The players who start the high competition at the start, we don’t have many players who do that. And even less players who stay as high players.

And the step he is making shows he belongs in the first division and at the highest level. We will have conformation of this with time.

Conversations on transfers with Orta?

When there is someone to talk about, yes.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 24 Jan 2019, 13:38

Why are you playing Casilla? And how has BPF done for you so far?

I use the same reason to substitute Farrell I used when I thought about putting Blackman in.

Regarding the performance of Farrell, we have two ways of looking at it.

He is a goalkeeper with skills. He has the resources to become a starter in an ambitious team.

He needs to correct some mistakes.

Sometimes when you make mistakes you lose a little bit of confidence.

And at the same time the mistakes make you increase your work to correct them.

When you make a mistake you suffer pressure. And we need to learn how to live with the pressure.

It’s a long process, with many steps and it’s a difficult path, especially when you’re a young player and it’s even more difficult when a team is at the top or bottom of the table.

So I thought it was the right time to put Casilla in as a starter but I don’t think that this will stop the improvement of Farrell.

The skills that Farrell has, we haven’t seen them so far in the games.

But as we see him every day in training, we know his skills and what he is capable of.

I think he will play again as a starter in the future.

And we have to contribute to take advantage of the time when there are less demanding goals.

And we take advantage of this time to allow him to correct what he needs to correct.

I think he is a very good asset to Leeds because he has been formed in the club, he is very young, he will play as a professional player for 15 years at least and if he uses the time positive, either playing or not, because when you play what you see is the limits you have, the mistakes you make. And when you make mistakes that have consequences this increases the speed of improvement.

And when you have time without pressure it’s the best time to regain confidence and develop the skills you have.

Surprised Casilla was willing to come to Leeds?

I think that the fans of Leeds United should be proud to have Casilla as a goalkeeper.

Because it’s not frequent that you can get a player from Real Madrid. It’s not often a player of this level chooses to play in the Championship. The players always are careful when they have to take decisions and they receive a lot of advice. Casilla comes to Leeds because he thinks he is not making a mistake. He thought a lot about the decision.

I think that English football and Leeds United should be proud he came here.

What is the focus on training this week? Finishing chances?

We played the worst game so far at Stoke.

Just after playing the best game of the Championship and it’s very difficult for us to understand our last performance.

We played against an opponent that made it easy for us to win the game.

And if we had to take a game where it is easy to do what we do the best - attack - it was the game against Stoke City. During all the game we had two players who were always free. Alioski and Ayling.

We only had to watch the game to reach this conclusion.

The freedom of which these two players received the ball allowed us to take the ball into their box and usually when we have freedom in this zone we are usually in good conditions to do what we do the best, which is to see the switch of tempo, the association play, make combined movements and as a consequence play deep but we couldn’t do any of this.

When I say it was a game that we could win we just have to have a look at what were the situations, the chances of the opponent to score and how they got these chances to score.

Even when they played with 11 vs 10 the opponent was not an obstacle for us, We were our main obstacle.

On injuries

Dallas is available. Same for Douglas. They lack tempo of course and need to find the competition pace.

Berardi was in the same situation as Dallas and Douglas. He played 45 minutes with the U23s and it was hard for him to assimilate the game.

Even if he didn’t get injured again, but we know he will need more time to reach his best level.

Dallas and Douglas will play with the U23s next Monday so they will be able to complete for the first team.

Bamford started to train normally today. He will increase the tempo next week and in about 10 days he will play an U23 game and he will be available for the first team.

Bamford has been absent a long time, same as Izzy Brown. He didn’t play for a year and he will need several games in order to be the player he was before he got injured. This is usually the case for a player who misses a year. He needs between six and eight games to reach his highest level. He will not be on the bench on Saturday.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 24 Jan 2019, 13:44

On Casilla's U23s performance this week

You can’t make an opinion on this kind of game. It’s a game to get your sport fitness.

If I had to make an opinion I would say positive things, but it’s not important.

How has he trained?

You make an opinion regarding goalkeepers in games.

If I make an opinion from training or with the U23s, it will be the opinion from next Saturday.

Tough decision not to put Kalvin back in midfield?

Adam Forshaw plays very well as a number 4. He is one of the best players of the team.

As a matter of fact against Stoke he was the best player.

Phillips has adapted very well to the position of centre-back. Of course this doesn’t mean Phillips won’t play as a 4 again or Forshaw as an 8 because these are their positions.

What are you expecting from Rotherham?

They are different styles.

They usually play long balls. They use prolongations of the ball and 50/50 balls, they try to get the second balls. They use long throws, rely on set pieces.

And we have different styles. Ours is not better or worse than theirs. They will try to play using their style and we will try to use ours.

I think they know what they have neutralise in our game to weaken us.

And we know what we have to be careful about to prevent the opponent from growing inside the game.
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Postby kk white » 24 Jan 2019, 14:26

MB wrote:...They use prolongations of the ball...

Love it :thumbup: :lol:
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Postby Wigan White » 24 Jan 2019, 18:33

kk_white wrote:
MB wrote:...They use prolongations of the ball...

Love it :thumbup: :lol:

Isn't this you would see a doctor about? :o
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Postby kk white » 24 Jan 2019, 18:50

Wigan White wrote:
kk_white wrote:
MB wrote:...They use prolongations of the ball...

Love it :thumbup: :lol:

Isn't this you would see a doctor about? :o

:lol: Not sure I'd even show a doctor that... Suffer in silence.

Now that I read it again, it seems more like a torture technique that someone uses :o
"An astonishing number of people despise Leeds United or what Leeds United stand for. But this club was never made for them." - Phil Hay
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 27 Jan 2019, 15:44

Marcelo, did you feel that result was always coming? That goal towards the end?

Yes, the physiognomy of the game made us think we could score another one.
In the first half, Rotherham [United] seemed to dominate, seemed to control the game. What did you feel was happening in the first half and why the change at half-time?

I don’t think Rotherham dominated the first half. My analysis is we had the ball, but we didn’t create any danger. In the second half this changed: we attacked better and we had chances to score. The first goal had a positive impact for the team.

How important do you feel it is for Mateusz Klich to have got those goals today? It’s a long time since he scored.

Yes, because when it’s hard for the team to score goals, when you have another player capable of scoring goals it’s always a positive for the team.

Can I ask what you made of your goalkeeper today? It was his debut. He made a particularly good save in the second half.

He didn’t have a lot of work to do. He had mid-distance finishing. And he had some aerial game at the end of the game, and from my point of view it was very difficult to avoid the goal we conceded. He had a balanced performance.

We are in the last week of the transfer window. What do you expect to happen in this week and how important do you think it is new players arrive?

I don’t have any certainty about the possibility of welcoming a new player or not.

Do you feel it’s important players do come? Does it feel essential to you players come in or would you be happy if that doesn’t happen?

If we can welcome players that are better than our players it would be a good thing, but as long as they are better than our players, depending on the position.

Can I ask you about Pablo Hernandez? Has he gone off with an injury at the end there, Marcelo?

I couldn’t tell. I knew when I was going to make the substitution he felt something so I switched the substitution I was going to make.

Tyler Roberts, how pleased were you with his second half performance?

Yes, he changed the physiognomy of the team in the offensive play.

Marcelo, that feels like quite an important win today. You were seen embracing Pablo Quiroga at the end there. Does it feel like quite a big win for you?

It was a necessary win.

And Jack Clarke today, he was withdrawn at half-time. He didn’t quite have his best game today, did he?

He didn’t have many opportunities to go one v one, which is his best skill.
Can I ask, is that victory a characteristic of a team that wins the league? That comes back from behind away and wins in that manner.

We still have many games to play and we can’t say the team has stable behaviour in football.

Were you satisfied with the overall performance, Marcelo?

In the first-half the team had the ball, but didn’t create any chances and in the second half we had the ball and created chances.

Does Marcelo feel, because of what’s happened in recent weeks, like teams are desperate to try and stop Leeds winning the title?

What happened in the last weeks generated understandable reactions.
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Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 31 Jan 2019, 13:22

Last day of the window - Dan James?

So far I don’t have any news about transfers. I know both clubs are negotiating, but I don’t know if it’s done.

Pablo fit?

Yes. He trained normally.

Changes on Saturday? Jansson available

No Phillips! Gave us the full XI. Roberts starts.

Here is the team: Casllia, Ayling, Jansson, Cooper, Alioski, Forshaw, Harrison, Klich, Roberts, Hernandez, Roofe.

Mental concentration on Saturday? Teams score late goals

It’s a team that attacks very well. It’s a team designed to attack. It doesn’t mean they don’t defend well,but the profile of the team is a creative profile. We want to attack, but we know we will have to defend a lot too.

Are Norwich best opponent in the league?

It’s an opponent we have to respect, but all the opponents have had ups and downs. It will be a mistake to think all these teams are not important. We can’t ignore the potential of these teams and I just quoted the teams which come to my mind. Usually, football makes sure what seems evident to everyone doesn’t happen.

Pukki - how difficult to find unknown players like him?

His skills are not common in English football. He’s not a player who goes for 50-50s or uses his physical capabilities. It’s a player who is hard to neutralise. He uses a lot his intuition. He is always in good positions to receiver the ball and he makes many movements. He plays simple and efficient.

How significant would six-point gap be?

If we have six points and the team plays with regularity it’s a big difference. Ups and downs would make it nothing.

Is Saturday more significant than others for you?

I think, apart from our positions, the offensive aspects of both teams make this attractive.

If James done - how happy with January?

Orta chose James and I accepted the player proposed to me. I agree with the fact this player has the features the team needs and responds to the needs of the team. If he comes it will be a significant transfer. If he doesn’t come we will find solutions for the rest of the seaso

Like James's age?

The most important element is how he plays and then comes how old is he. He comes inside the group to compensate experience with youth. We have enough experienced players, so we can have young players too.

Douglas and Brown - ready?

Douglas, yes. Brown, no.

Why not Brown?

I talked several times about his injury. I already answered several times to the question you asked. You will remember the answer I gave, but I will repeat it again.

Izzy hasn’t played for one year. He is fit. He has trained. The sport aspect is different from the fitness aspect. You need to play six or eight games to recover sport fitness. After playing six or eight games usually the player recovers his skills. Not necessarily. That’s what we hope. He is a player if he gets back he will be very important for us because he’s a 10 with the capacity to score goals. He can break the balance with the opponent with his play.

When a creative player reaches his level he goes inside the team immediately. The position of a winger and the nine and 10, are the most difficult positions in football. Difficult to play well in these positions. It’s true the majority of subs are made in these four positions. Any offensive player who plays well will be in the team.

Clarke, Pablo, Roofe, Bamford, Roofe, Harrison, Stevens, Klich. Dallas and Roberts too. If Izzy plays better than them he will play.
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