Where were you ?

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Where were you ?

Postby NottinghamWhite » 18 Jul 2020, 10:16

For the second time only since lockdown we invited the eldest & her husband over for drinks in the garden. They arrived about 17:40 & I had the TV on in the lounge. After checking the score found that Huddersfield had gone a goal up but like everyone else I’m sure thought the lead wouldn’t last long. Sure enough just before halftime O’Shea equalised for the Baggies. Just a matter of time we thought once the second half starts before West Brom grab the winner. With 15 minutes to go I started to believe made my excuses & headed got the lounge. Those last 15 minutes I sat waiting for a winner from the away side but it was Town who were finishing the stronger. I sat glued to what was going on thinking surely they can’t get a winner


By this time Sarah was sat in the kitchen watching the game unfold. Then it happened Smith-Rowe grabbed the winner. Absolute bedlam followed as it sunk in we were back in the Premiership after 16 years. A few tears came but this time after all the recent tragedy these were tears of joy.

I’ve never lost the faith in the club i first saw live back in 1967. Why during the League 1 years I saw us 112 times as I felt the club needed my support. During the last 16 years I’ll never forget Tranmere away at the start of the-15 season, the fans were so united that day it was us versus every bugger. Old Trafford beating Scum in their own backyard. Bristol Rovers & the victory that got us promoted. Last night though was the icing on the cake.

Premiership here we come lock up your daughters, Dirty Leeds are back.

What were you doing when we were promoted ?
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Re: Where were you ?

Postby Mr Russell » 18 Jul 2020, 10:22

Fast asleep but woke at 5am, checked my phone and had a message from a mate saying congratulations, back in the big league! Smiled and went back to bed as Leeds songs filled my head 8-)
Owners come and go but Leeds United will be there forever, for the fans - keep Marching on Together.
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Re: Where were you ?

Postby MOT1919 » 19 Jul 2020, 09:29

Was at a family dinner (the lockdown ended here about a month ago) in a restaurant, trying to keep my mind off the score and trying not to check it constantly. 1-0 and I was sure WBA come back and sure enough at 1-1 they did and then I thought not to check the score until I knew the match was over, but sure enough I checked it in the 89th minute with Huddersfield up 2-1 and then there was 7-8 minutes of staring at the phone making sure it FT and it was over.

The family wasn't very happy, I was very happy.
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Re: Where were you ?

Postby Davycc » 19 Jul 2020, 09:53

Got back from the pub just in time to see the winning goal so watched it a few times with a glass of red.
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Re: Where were you ?

Postby ChilwellWhite » 20 Jul 2020, 07:18

My wife was cooking dinner and I remembered that the West Brom game was on so with around 15 minutes left I put the game on. At the end of the game I was leaping around, not recommended at my age ;) and somehow ended up on the front lawn yelling out things which at the time made sense :lol: 16 years and we are back at the top table of English football. I can’t believe I doubted the appointment of Marcelo at the start please accept my sincere apologies everyone.
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