Derbys obsession with us

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Re: Derbys obsession with us

Postby Selby White » 07 Oct 2020, 12:39

ChilwellWhite wrote:Whatever happened to Adrian ?

Ended up at Swiss super league club Sion in 2017, played 18 games in each of his first two seasons there scoring 7 both times.

Now at loan to Brazillian Club Avai who are in the Brazil 2nd division.
A bit of coincidence its the Club Raphina spent his youth career at although don't think he ever played for the first team.
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Re: Derbys obsession with us

Postby guitarmark » 07 Oct 2020, 14:08

ChilwellWhite wrote:I’ve never understood this so called rivalry with Derby I personally have never accepted them as a rival. Scum, Chelsea and Liverpool are the only teams I think of as rivals. Teams like Derby, Huddersfield and Millwall are like pesky flies that need swatting occasionally. One of the reasons I’m glad we are back in the Premiership is that we don’t have these faux rivalries just the real thing. Derby are lucky they haven’t been penalised given all the alleged dodgy dealings that have gone on. They showed their colours last season after the crash which involved players and how quickly they tried to cover it up and turned their club captain into a sacrificial lamb. Unless we are relegated we won’t be playing the Rams anytime soon in my humble anyway.

I was brought up as a kid in Yorkshire - I'm a Leeds fan and have been since my earliest memories - When I was 14, in 1974, the family moved to Derby - I'd seen Leeds play a few games by this stage and the bug was already part of me - The first day I went to school, as the new kid, I was asked by the 'school bully' 'who do you support' - I said Leeds - He ruffled my hair and said 'I effing hate Leeds' - As it happened we got on and would have some good banter about it - But at the point I did not know of any hatred/rivalry - But it was very apparent that Derby hated Leeds + N Forest - I hear it everyday - They actually think they are as big and as successful as us !!!!!!!!!!!!

As we all know, Chelsea and Man U are our 2 big rivals that we don't like, but somehow to me, because of the local connection, I hate Derby more - I went to the play off match 2 seasons ago so the stick I got coming back home was immense - I have many friends who are Derby fans and by and large good banter - But you hear so many who just think they are our equal

All stems to the Don era and Cloughie - And without looking at the stats I think Cloughie only beat us twice in that spell - So that adds to their hatred

So yes I can enjoy telling them about their last PL trip and 11 points - Bradford, Barnsley, Swindon etc etc etc all did better than that - The worse team to ever play PL football

But Derby's hatred for us is immense
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