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Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 26 Sep 2018, 13:41

Alioski speaks:-

Same players as last year

Last year we have many players with old mentality, but this year is a new year with a new coach.

Stronger mentality this year?

Yes. The mentality was not like it is now after five or six games. Last season we would worry, but after we beat Stoke we had the mentality we are really strong. The staff, how they speak with us, this mentality changed for all players.

Stopping the rot of last year's run of defeats

Last year when we won we were lucky sometimes, but this year we are winning by more. I am sure we cannot lose more than two games in a row because we are so prepared. These coaches prepare us really well. When we don’t play very well we bring a reaction. Like after Swansea. Norwich was unbelievable. Coaches told us the mistakes and each player is focused to respond.

Important to respond immediately?

We win on Friday, but it’s not easy. They know how strong we are. We play the best football and we show this always in the games.

Dressing room frustration?

Each player was frustrated. Good when each player thinks it’s bad we lose. We know what was wrong and we know the mistakes we made. The players know which mistakes we made in the game.

Birmingham problems?

The press we wanted to do, the aggression we normally have, was not there from the beginning. We lose the aggression, the press we normally do. First half we didn’t have it. It was not easy from 2-0 down to come back, but we know which mistakes we made and we are prepared for the next time.

Derby matches

I enjoy all games. It’s a derby. We go for victory, it’s Sheffield and next it’s Hull. We are a big team and they are scared. Not easy for us to play against the teams we will play. Nice for the supporters down there. We want to show a good performance.

Bielsa reaction to Birmingham

Better not to lose with Bielsa as a coach. He hates this. He believes in us. He tells us what was not good. How he says this is different. We know now next time we lose we have a hard week. Sometimes you lose, but good to have a coach who hates losing.

Jack Harrison thoughts

I like him. He is a very good player. Good technique. Quickly in this team, inside, he do very, very well. Also a good person, not only because he play. He works hard and you see this on the pitch. I hope he will help us in hard times.

Enjoy the left?

It’s not the first time I play left. It’s my side. The difference is I can come in and shoot with my right boot. On the left you can do all of the work. It’s not a big difference. It’s new for me to always be on the left.

Where can he improve

I can improve in the attack and be more aggressive. We train good with the tactic. Automatically I help in defence. I can do more in attack. It will come.

How pleased personally over the season?

We started good. I am happy. I do always give 100 per cent. I helped my team with my performances if I work hard. I will always be better. I learn every day. Hardest games and we must show character and always be on the straight. We must always work harder and play good.

Earn a starting spot with high level?

It’s better you don’t think about it. You work hard and then see if you’re in the team or not.

Ever fitter?

I lose weight and fat. Not only me. At the beginning you think it’s not important, but you see from how much we run how fit we are.

Different to other coaches?

Each coach has a philosophy. Everyone different, but Bielsa is different with how the staff work when he’s not here, on the pitch around the building. Each player is happy he’s here because we can learn many things from him. I hope with the new things we learn we can stay where we are.

Responsibility for the defeat - he took it

Nobody thinks the coach will say this, but this is good for the players, they like this. We know, as players, we were not very good. The coach trusts us and he does something he thinks he sees is good, but maybe it’s not like this.

Given confidence?

The confidence is here. All players must believe under Bielsa. We believe. We work hard and do all the things we want to go up and, of course, we believe.

Response to defeat

It’s my second year now. We see a difference, but the players are all the same. The coach changes many things here. We work really hard. All players here are different, not only me.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 04 Oct 2018, 14:09

Stuart Dallas spoke after MB's press conference today:-

Expectation growing around the city?

You should know the expectations of the crowd, of you guys. We’re at a massive club and you have to take criticism when it comes your way.

Single biggest change?

He’s got everyone reading off the same sheet. Everyone working hard. Fitness is a huge part of it. He has his serious way and maybe players don’t want to step out of line. The boys are enjoying it. When you’re winning it’s good.

Bielsa immersed in football - any scope to have fun with him?

He is. He’s just got his head on the job like any good manager. We can have a joke at the right time. You’re here to do a job. If we can have a joke along the way, great, but we have a job to do.

Like being in the army - Klich - would you agree?

It has been tough. Pre-season was tough, but that’s what you expect. Hopefully we get the reward. Different from what we’re used to, but the players have bought into it.

Enjoyable under Bielsa?

Got the best job in the world. Not going to complain. Different to what we’re used to.

Manager careful not to say we're going up

It’s not even Christmas. We don’t talk about it. Take your eye off the ball and you fall quickly. Have to keep working hard.

Best start?

Not more serious. Last season we fell well below the standards we set. The players have learned from that hopefully. Disappointing to finish the way we did. We have shown we have had slightly lower level we bounce back in the next game. Have to keep the consistency up.

Very happy camp?

Good place to be when things are going well. We’ve got to keep working hard. He won’t let us take our eye off what we want to achieve. That comes on Saturday. Massive boost going into the break.

Brentford punching above weight?

Not sure. Don’t expect a club of their size to be up there, but since they’ve come up they’ve always been there or thereabouts. Always had a good side and maybe fallen away at the end of seasons.

Former club - expectations?

One of the best footballing sides in the league. Know we’re going to be in a tough game. They thrive on coming to big stadiums and atmospheres. Full of confidence and there or thereabouts. In the top-eight, I think.

Great manager there with a striker bang in form. If we’re not on form we could be in for a tough afternoon.

How good is the squad?

I always have belief in any squad. You’ve got to believe in the players around you. He’s getting the best of us. Only as good as our last gae. We look forward to Brentford now, full of confidence ahead of the international break.

Fitness improve noticeably?

We’ve always been fit as professional athletes. He’s come in. The fitness side has been different with the running and high intensity running. Stats are through the roof. Stats show if you outrun teams you will have the majority of the ball.

We know what we want to achieve.

Training regime

The manager’s come in with this fitness side of things and the players have bought into it. Set our targets and we’re hitting them. Got to keep working hard. Fitter, stronger, leaner and we keep going until the final whistle.

Still a lot to come.

Dallas is here - back in the side? Thoughts?

Want to play as much as I can. Injury didn’t help. Coming back now after those internationals with two full games and came back quickly.

Have to be patient. Team’s playing well. Need to be ready and up to full speed for when I’m needed.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby dunboyne white » 05 Oct 2018, 13:17

I thought Dallas did an excellent interview there.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 18 Oct 2018, 14:44

Samu Saiz spoke after MB today:-

How is he playing? Better than last season?

This season I am more collective. I’m less individual than last season. I work more for the team.

I don’t score as many goals as I wish, but I don’t do the individual actions I used to do.

I think I improved on other aspects in comparison with last year.

Better with Pablo this season than last?

This year all the players were playing better. We combine better with the team-mates. We have different style of play. We always control the game. We want to be the protagonist in each game. That’s why we combine better between us.

Saiz receives the ball first - how difficult without Pablo there?

When Pablo plays I am not always the player who receives the first pass because Pablo makes very good movements to receive the first pass. Of course I prefer Pablo plays, so I can have more freedom and won’t have as many opponents marking me.

Disciplinary problems - ever consider leaving?

Every year you have good moments and bad moments, but at the end of the day, when you play at Elland Road and you see all the fans supporting you, it gives you the strength to keep working and do better things.

I went to other stadiums, in the Premier League, and with big teams, I saw big stadiums and these big clubs don’t have the fans we hav

Settled? English better?

My English is pretty poor. I understand English, but I can’t express myself for now.

Settled in England?

To tell the truth, I feel I am lucky being in a big, beautiful city. What I said about the fans, I feel love and gratitude towards them.

When you walk down the streets and you see the love of the fans, you feel important.

Take time to adjust to English football?

Actually, it was not very hard to settle in England because my family’s with me. Because we play twice a week and what I like is playing football. As I like football and enjoy playing football, playing twice a week, I don’t have time to think about other things.

Bielsa impact?

The pre-season was very hard, but apart from Marcelo, all the staff that came with him, is very demanding and has implements and method. They always focus on details so we become better players.

Happier with the style?

Last season, when we found out we couldn’t make it to the play-offs, it was a moment hard for me. I had less motivation because I couldn’t reach the objective.

It’s a problem I had and it can’t happen again.

Amazing start to the season - better than you expected?

I don’t think it’s just about me. The whole team started well. The team is playing very well. Even the players who are not starters, they are well and well prepared when they have the opportunity to play.

But I was excited about starting this new season but I never thought that we could have a bad start of the season.

Is it frustrating how closely you're marked?

I think it’s a normal thing. Because when you play as a No. 10 the rivals are always focused on you.

It’s right that the last year at the beginning of the season, the players didn’t now me I had more freedom.

But this season and the second part of last season, the marker is always on me and I’m surrounded by the opponents. But that’s football?
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 26 Oct 2018, 13:00

Here's Jack Harrison...

I like working with Gjanni. We’re quite simliar. If we keep working we can be pretty effective.

On Leeds' start

IN the last few games I could have done better, but as a team we’ve not been losing, been picking up points.

I know we can do a lot better.

On Pablo Hernandez

The way he can see the game is very interesting, different to others. I can learn from him.

He’s quiet but he’s approachable, he’s always willing to help team-mates.

What can you learn from Pablo?

He takes his time on the ball and you can see where he’s going to pass it before he gets the ball.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 26 Oct 2018, 13:22

More on what he is learning at Leeds

We all work hard. Marcelo’s emphasised that a lot. It brings us closer as a squad. These last few weeks have been massive for me. Learning the differences between here and the MLS, Everywhere I’ve been I’ve adapted to the situation and get better.

What learned from Man City?

There’s a lot of help from Man City for me and the rest of the loan players. I’ve had great support, couldn’t have asked for more. They help you have an open mind. A lot of the coaches there have been players and have been there before.

Working under Marcelo

I’ve learned a lot in terms of off-the-ball. A lot in New York was the technical aspect, but here’s it been about movement off the ball, getting behind, freeing yourself from the defender. I had a tough start, but I’m learning more.

On the chances of staying at the top

I think we’ve got a good chance of staying there. It’s good not to be complacent. It’s fluctuated so much the last few weeks.

Life in Leeds?

It’s a little different but it’s a nice area. The people here are great, the fans.

On Forest?

Got to make sure we’re ready. We’ve worked a lot,

How does the Championship compare to the MLS?

It’s not as far off as what a lot of the English people say. It’s developing. But the speed of play in the Championship and technically it’s better. Physically it’s been better.

On his development?

Leeds and Man City play quiet similar, so the pathway is beneficial.

When I first came to England in February, it was maybe too rushed.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 04 Jan 2019, 14:01

Tyler Roberts speaks:-

'Tyler, you're playing! Has it been frustrating?'

‘Thanks for telling me!’ he starts.

Says it’s been frustrating, but he’s 19 and working with a world class manager, so doesn’t have much to complain about.

Feels like he had an impact this season with his goals. Wales debut has been great for him.

Experience in the No 10 role?

Been playing in that role for the last couple of months.

Enjoys it and will be nice to play in that position. Hopefully more moments like the goal at Hull.

FA Cup experience and memories?

Been positive. As a youngster you get a chance to play.

Would love a cup run, but it’s possible.

Remembers Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal playing finals. Wembley looks amazing.

Are the players tired? Is that fair to say?

We’ve had four games in ten days, so always going to be tough. To freshen the team up will be a good thing this weekend.

Says it’s been a culture change this year, they’ve all brought into, it’s going well.

Hopes of staying on top?

Says it’s a tough league, as hard as everyone says. Got a massive chance of staying there. Got young players, senior players, everyone’s done well.

West Brom will stay up there, shown they can score, but not worried about opposition players.

Looking to Derby

Wants to put himself in contention for Derby.

Says squad is hurting after losing two games, want to put it right against Derby, but also have a cup run.

Roofe's form

Says Roofe’s form is great and he’s taken him under his wing, been a good friend. Bamford, also.

On getting in the team

Knew it would be tough to get in the team. Had to work hard.

On working for Bielsa

Says Bielsa has brought in stuff they’ve never seen, tough getting used to it, but everyone on board.

His friends at other clubs asking him what he’s like, what training’s like.

What's the toughest thing to get used to under Bielsa?

Sessions have been different. Shape work, passing drills, getting to grips with movements, when to make them.

A lot of analysis work, tells you things you don’t pick up on.

Training the main thing, the amount of it, the hours on the pitch. Not much time off over Christmas

Is the FA Cup still magical?

Says it’s the biggest cup game in English football. To get to the final would be special.

Promotion is Marcelo’s main objective, but he’s made it clear this isn’t time to relax.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 17 Jan 2019, 13:23

Liam Cooper up after MB:-

Cooper here - Stoke win catalyst

Stoke win was the catalyst for the season. A win-win situation for us. Good team, been in the Premier League for so long. Positive result set us up for the season.

Leeds expectations

Haven’t been able to give the fans anything to celebrate for a few years. This season going well, but still some time to go. Taking it game by game

How has Bielsa improved everyone?

We said the same as you last night. He entices you and impresses you. You want to play well and impress him. Work hard and we get the result.

Last night's preparation the norm?

Never in my career. We go on that pitch with no excuses. He researches everything. Nobody has surprised us this season.

Toby Nye

Meant the world to the club. Condolences to the family from everyone at the club. He touched me. We are all rooting for him.

Top of the league - believe you're the best?

Need that arrogance. Know we can beat anyone. Need to reach high intensity. It’s reaching those levels.

Named his side - confidence for you?

Performances made it hard for him to drop anyone. We dominated a good Derby team. Long way to go.

Stoke win was a surprise - still get a surprise in this league?

Everybody knows the league is unpredictable. That’s why we love it. We love playing in it. Plenty of ups and downs. Plenty of ups this season and want to end the season well.


Do my job here then things may come along.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 07 Feb 2019, 13:26

Patrick Bamford speaks after MB:-

Bamford on his fitness

Says he’s not fully fit, just needs match sharpness which will come with playing.

On watching from the sidelines

Says he’s been just like a fan during his absence. But now he’s back, there’s a buzz again.

Reflection on last year's fixture

Says he enjoyed his time there. No bad word to say.

Marcelo showed a lot of faith in signing him.

On the style clash

Says Boro play quite defensive. Their running is of a different style.

Will be a good game for the fans to watch.

How do you stay focused amid title talk?

Says it’s a cliche to say take one game at a time, but it’s true.

Not getting carried away. About putting runs together and consistency will get Leeds up.

Where are Boro vulnerable?

Tough one. Says Leeds need to focus the whole match.

It might come down to a moment of magic from one of the Leeds players.

They will be strong from a physical point of view.

Bamford wants to 'ride the wave'

Says he didn’t expect to come on versus Norwich, but the game dictated that.

Really excited to be back in the first-team picture.

Talks about no players coming in during Janaury, but him, Izzy Brown and others returning and can give the side a lift.

On those big moments helping raise spirit

One of the worries when you’re out is how well you can come back - but once he was back in training ‘you’re like a kid again’

Has forgotten about the doubts.

On his previous play-off experience

Says everyone focuses on Christmas, but it’s between January and March that is key. It’s the team that can have consistency and mental toughness here that will go up.

What is the mental toughness like here?

Every team goes through a tough patch, a few bad injuries or results. As a squad they are not doubting themselves, knew they would not go unbeaten all year.

Talks about the run after West Brom, they need to do that again.

When did you know you'd be involved vs Norwich

Was told Leeds didn’t want to play with the U23s before training Wednesday, bit of a surprise, but got through that session well.

When the manager shows you that faith, it gives you confidence boost.

Good to get back into the heat of battle?

Says he likes that side of the game, when asked about the afters versus Norwich.

You forget kids are watching on TV, it’s not setting a good example, so footballers need to remember that.

Does Bielsa's style suit how you play?

Say no disrespect to English coaches, but he prefers foreign coaches, or those with that mentality.

Karl Robinson and Steve McClaren had different approaches, as did Aitor Karanka.

Says he likes to look at things differently, which may be why Bielsa was interested in signing him.

The next step is to get Leeds promoted, then he wants to show what he can do in the Premier League. Has more to offer there.
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Re: Player Press Conferences

Postby SCOTTISH LEEDS » 07 Mar 2019, 13:17

Alioski speaks to the press after MB:-

Alioski up now - mood among the players?

People think when we beat Villa in the last minute and other games they were the best, so it’s nice to beat every performance as we did against West Brom, but we must continue.

If we play every game like this we can beat every performance moving forward.

Bristol - tough game here - expectations?

Every game is difficult for us. We know what to do, we had a good game, it’s difficult to repeat a good game. We will go there, I hope like last year, play our football and should go to take the three points.

Bristol surprising?

At the beginning, no. They had a good run of results. We don’t watch enough to know if they surprise us.

Important to repeat start from West Brom game?

Of course we started well, but I can’t do this every time. It should be not easy to play the way we do, Bielsa motivates us to play like this. It’s the best thing to happen to have a coach who prepares us like this.

We lost at QPR, but we always have 70 per cent the ball and in the end it’s most important to score a goal. When we score first it’s difficult for them to come back.

Looking at other results?

Nothing is easy. From outside, when you watch, we must do only this, but to try this on the pitch is not easy. We work on the training with a coach who does not let us think away from the tactical plan.

Sheff Utd result - aware on Saturday?

Too early to play this game. Too early to speak about Sheffield. We have two games before Sheffield, we must prepare for Bristol, then Reading and Sheffield.

Reason for your improvement in recent months?

I think not only in these months. You think about my position too. I try, I’m a player who can play more positions. Now I am a left-back, but I go forward, defend, good with Bielsa, he likes to attack. Not a new position for me, but a few years ago I played here. Changed to right-wing, left-wing, striker. In the national team I play this position too. I know how to defend. Good for the team I can attack too. Bielsa finds a new style with me we can attack better.

Most enjoyable time here?

When we win it’s always good, you can enjoy it, but this year it’s like a sense with this coach to enjoy this season. This is a surprise, a gift for us, to take it and do something. We try, we work hard and sometimes we enjoy.

Celebration explained?

I want it to keep it secret.

Not head tennis?

No. I need other questions.

Can you see the finishing line?

To feel is good. The season is long, but 11 games, we must only feel game by game, not to feel what we will do if we draw or lose. Take the points and don’t think too much because we are really close. We are so near, but it can go so quick. We are close in the table.

Bielsa moved on from WBA - players need this too?

I always say, after a good win, it’s not easy to repeat again. Good to watch the highlights, how we play for the confidence. Good feeling together, but we know we play good and it will be difficult to repeat it. Don’t want to think too much because every game is another game.

He prepare us as he does always.

Do you pay attention to what the fans tweet?

I see they write about the Duracell bunny, or I’m still running. It’s funny! I take it in a positive sense. I know I run too much sometimes, but I have to do it.

Do you feel nerves at this stage?

I’m never nervous. It’s good to have games better when they are more important. Good to be nervous about losing.
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