Will Berardi get a game this season?

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Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby BrighouseWhite » 27 Apr 2021, 06:36

With only 5 games to go, who would like Berardi to get a game in the Premier League before he leaves as expected?
I know he's been an unused sub in the last few games, but personally I'd like to see him get at least one start. I've a feeling that with Bielsa's integrity and honesty that may come in the final match against West Brom if they have already been relegated and nothing is riding on the game. Unless something has changed that I've missed, there may also be some fans in by then to give him a proper send off.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby Mr Russell » 27 Apr 2021, 06:51

I would like him to get 20-25 mins in the last game and we win a penalty and he takes it!
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby Davycc » 27 Apr 2021, 06:56

Definitely would like him to get a run out and as said especially at the WBA game with some fans there. Would also like to give him a proper send off at a full Elland Road next season.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby Selby White » 27 Apr 2021, 07:01

Think it depends on situation we may go into the last game still with a possibility of climbing another place or a outside chance of Europe so cant see it been likely for us to tweak with a defence that is improving (even got Koch having to bide his time).
Every position in the league has prize money so even without the Europe possibility it's in the Clubs interest to finish as high as possible.

Not saying he wouldn't do OK but imagine if he did play and we lost costing us a important finishing place, it wouldn't be a great send off.

Saying that as Mr R says last 25 mins against WBA would be nice and we will hopefully be 5-0 up by then.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby gilesdriveby » 27 Apr 2021, 07:22

I think that the best we can do is 9th and the worst 11th as it is between ourselves Villa and Arsenal for those places. I would like to see Pablo and Berardi get some game time and that also some of the under 23s would make their debut (Gelhardt seems to be injured but Drameh, Summerville and Greenwood) might be worth a look
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby NottinghamWhite » 27 Apr 2021, 07:50

Yes the West Brom game is ideal also I’d like to see Pablo take part as I feel he will go at the end of season.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby guitarmark » 28 Apr 2021, 10:40

Would love to see Berardi, Pablo and Ali get a good run out against WBA - Final game for all 3 I suspect and hopefully in front of some fans - Pablo to be captain - All 3 to be substituted, one by one, towards the end, so they can leave with a well deserved round of applause
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby Barlow Boy » 28 Apr 2021, 11:17

As I understand it, the club said they were going to do something to celebrate promotion at some sort of event in the future, hopefully, those players who helped us get there are able to attend.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby The Fonz » 28 Apr 2021, 14:41

Would be great to see them start but think we need to consider league position at the time of the last match.
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Re: Will Berardi get a game this season?

Postby yorkfan » 28 Apr 2021, 14:46

Given Berardi's honesty in continuing to play, even though he was out of contract, and then being rewarded with a fresh contract, let's get him on for a taste of Premiership football in the final game .............. and, the icing on the cake .......... he shoots ............. he scores!

Oh yes.
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