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Re: Feed the birds

Postby johnh » 13 Jul 2019, 18:57

Davycc wrote:
Viduka Hits The Mark wrote:They will be lucky to escape the Rats attention. Very strange to change from their natural habitat. Cambridgeshire does have trees and bushes doesn't it?

I'd say first year mating birds as they are most likely to make such a mistake.

The cat brought this poor wee thing to the door this morning.


That reminded me. Many years ago I went into the back garden just in time to see next door's cat walking down our lawn with a blackbird in its mouth. I managed to free the blackbird which flew into the nearest tree. Its feathers were all ruffled and stayed ruffled. We christened it 'Scruffy'. Whenever I went into the back garden it would fly down and stay on the lawn all the time I was there. It was with us for a number of years.
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Re: Feed the birds

Postby NottinghamWhite » Yesterday, 07:04

07:30 this morning we had a veritable feeding frenzy in the garden on the feeders. Three different species of tits, dunnocks, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, goldfinch, greenfinch & robins. Never seen so many birds in one spot :D
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Re: Feed the birds

Postby Davycc » Yesterday, 19:01

Slightly off topic and I really shouldn't but couldn't help myself. Whilst away over the last week in Portugal we had Collard Doves cooing every morning outside the villa. My 75 year old mother-out-law said at breakfast after the second or so day that she recognized the call as she heard the same birds back home. I told her not to be daft as these were Portugese birds and had a completely different accent..... I knew they sounded different she said, do the ones from Antrim understand these one..... What like when they are on holiday.
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