I've just completed a speed awareness course

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I've just completed a speed awareness course

Postby rigger » 30 Apr 2018, 16:47

Spent four hours in a classroom this afternoon and it was actually really interesting.

I know they vary from force to force but Hampshire Police run a great one and I feel so much better having attended.
Really entertaining, informative and interactive and we had a good group too, with a couple of exceptions : a Geordie (openly) sexist white van man and a spoilt daddy's girl in her early 20s with a Z4.

Vast majority in the room were older than me, one woman in an electric wheelchair who drives one of those pope-mobiles, and about an even split between male and female.

Good cop/bad cop - literally - in terms of the sessions, with each handling two.
There was video footage, a work "pamphlet" group discussions and a kind of laissez-faire attitude in that you could go to the loo without asking, help yourself to drinks and biscuits and talk whenever you had the urge to ask something or contribute in any way.

Learnt a lot, reinforced a bit and confirmed plenty of things about the road and the various modes of transport and definitely about the people using them.

I'd thoroughly recommend taking one if you get caught speeding again. There's nothing in it in terms of the cost (£100 fine or £95 for the course) though the 3 points accrued if you don't is obviously an incentive to take it.
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Re: I've just completed a speed awareness course

Postby BrighouseWhite » 30 Apr 2018, 19:09

Had to go on one myself in Wakefield a few years ago. Must admit it's better than getting points on your licence, especially when it's your first offence in 30 years of driving. Also if you don't get caught in the next 3 years you're allowed to do the course again, so I just have to be careful until July. :angel:

Ours was much more of a question & answer session with a tv advert about speeding being shown at the end, although they really try to ram it home that the speed limit isn't a target. I guess it worked as I've been a lot more careful and even more so since I got a dash cam fitted that also records my speed.
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Re: I've just completed a speed awareness course

Postby Davycc » 30 Apr 2018, 19:23

The courses are actually a very good idea. Coming from someone who loved speed, Fireblades and fast cars seeing the results of a 5 year old hit by a car doing just 40mph then having to tell the parents they've lost a wee one beats any course. It certainly slowed me down but yes they do work.
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