LPS Champions League Final Standings

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LPS Champions League Final Standings

Postby Frankie » 15 May 2018, 07:40

LPS - Champions League

Congratulations to Pockwhite who is the overall winner of the LPS Champion's League

Well done also to One-Eyed Thompson and kk_white in joint second place and Barlow Boy a close third.

1. Pockwhite 17
2. One Eyed Thompson 11
2. kk_white 11
3. Barlow Boy 10

4. Selby White 5
3. ChilwellWhite 5
4. Wigan White 3
6. Viduka Hits the Mark 1
6 Mr Russell 1
7. Frankie 1

All the winners:

Game 8: Selby White
Game 7: kk_white/Pockwhite (points shared)
Game 6: Selby White
Game 5: Pockwhite
Game 4: kk_white/Pockwhite (points shared)
Game 3: Barlow Boy
Game 2: ChilwellWhite
Game 1: One-Eyed Thompson

Thanks to all of the players that have made this a great game this season.
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Re: LPS Champions League Final Standings

Postby Viduka Hits The Mark » 15 May 2018, 20:37

Cheers Frankie for your effort throughout the season.
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Re: LPS Champions League Final Standings

Postby Selby White » 15 May 2018, 20:42

Yes thanks Frankie for the time and effort you put in with this.

One question though, can you check my Champions League points not sure both my victories have been included.
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Re: LPS Champions League Final Standings

Postby Mr Russell » 15 May 2018, 21:45

Thanks for organising the comp Frankie! and i hope that you will be doing one next season where i can improve on my poor effort of one point.
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