Greetings All Leeds Supporters

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Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby PhoenixUnited » 31 May 2018, 08:56

I think I had started to come to my senses just before 1970. In the previous season 69 / 70 we had beaten Manure just into the New Year and did well in the Europa Cup getting to the quarter finals. What did it for me was the eventual defeat of Manure in the FA Cup in the following season after a couple of replays as well as getting to the semi-finals of the Europa cup before getting knocked out by Celtic. By the time of the FA Cup final against Chelsea came I was love struck. I cried when we lost in the replay. Come hell or high water I have never wavered or strayed. Even in these dark times it is never going to change for me.

It was indeed a period of enormous pride, hope and adventure. We deserved a lot more than we actually got but perhaps I should have known that the heartache would go with the territory?

I live in hope and keep taking the tablets
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby NottinghamWhite » 31 May 2018, 09:17

Welcome in. 1967 my first game. Enjoy the forum :thumbup:
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby rigger » 31 May 2018, 09:20

Wotcha, mate and welcome in.

We're all on something for our addiction, don't worry ;)
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby +15 » 31 May 2018, 10:18

Welcome to the forum buddy.
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby ChilwellWhite » 31 May 2018, 10:29

Hello :wave:
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby Barlow Boy » 31 May 2018, 10:33

Welcome to the forum pal, enjoy :thumbup:
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby ilkley62 » 31 May 2018, 11:11

Welcome aboard :)
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby Davycc » 31 May 2018, 15:08

Welcome to the forum, why not pop along and put yourself on our members map or PM me your location and I'll do the needful :thumbup: :lol:
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby Viduka Hits The Mark » 31 May 2018, 18:46

Welcome in to the four cornered room..... :thumbup:
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Re: Greetings All Leeds Supporters

Postby Selby White » 31 May 2018, 22:35

Welcome Phoenix :wave:
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