Captain 2018-2019

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Captain 2018-2019

Postby NottinghamWhite » 10 Jun 2018, 07:31

Will we stick with Coops or will we go with Ayling or Forshaw ? Then again we could bring someone in, your thoughts please.
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby BrighouseWhite » 10 Jun 2018, 07:32

Hopefully it will be Bartley
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby rigger » 10 Jun 2018, 07:48

BrighouseWhite wrote:Hopefully it will be Bartley

What he said.

It can't be Cooper for two reasons : hopefully he won't play very much and he's neither a shouter nor a leader by example.

Ayling would be a good shout along with Forshaw, but definitely not Pontus.
Can't think of anyone else who's likely to play every game apart from Vieira, which would be interesting.
It could help keep him at the club a year longer and maybe make him into our own Ray Wilkins.
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby Selby White » 10 Jun 2018, 07:58

Ayling would be my choice among those here, however the captain may not have arrived yet.
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby ChilwellWhite » 10 Jun 2018, 08:30

Ayling would be my choice but definitely not Jansson
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby LAsouthcoast » 10 Jun 2018, 08:42

Mascherano :crazy:
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby Barlow Boy » 10 Jun 2018, 11:59

Unless someone comes in, then it’s Forsahw for me.
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby CorkWhite » 10 Jun 2018, 12:49

Barlow Boy wrote:Unless someone comes in, then it’s Forsahw for me.

I've always been a stickler for having a Midfielder being the Captain so its also Forshaw for me. :thumbup:
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby ilkley62 » 10 Jun 2018, 14:02

Current crop Forshaw or a new signing, if its Cooper it would mean nothing much has changed
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Re: Captain 2018-2019

Postby Daz5 » 10 Jun 2018, 15:46

I think we will bring in a captain ,,,,, if not Pontus as he is our best player and leads on the pitch with his commitment
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