No January Signings

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No January Signings

Postby Selby White » 27 Dec 2018, 14:56

I read many posts on here wanting us to sign every Tom, Dick and Harry available.

So think I'm in the minority but I really don't want us to sign players in January because of a number of reasons :-

1. I think the squad as already proved they are good enough.

2. New signings may limit the development of our young players, not only those that are making the match day squad such as Shackleton & Clark but others that will be involved working with the 1st team in training.

3. New Players may rock the boat (who knows ?) but to me one of our biggest strengths is the team spirit and togetherness we have as a unit.

4. New players may not fit MB's system straight away so paying them could be a step back.

5. Fitness levels are superb, new players may actually have to play catch up with the rest of the squad.

I'm more than happy for MB and his coaches to keep developing our players as I think a lot of signings would be a waste of good money.

If we do decide to sign anyone for me they need to be good enough for the top half of the Prem to improve our team and very much doubt too many that standard will be available.

I hear people say we need cover in a few positions but to sign players just to cover is silly, they will want decent contracts and if not good enough to be first choice will probably be surplus to requirements next season and a burden on the wage bill.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby SiMamu » 27 Dec 2018, 15:20

I'm, for the most part, inclined to agree with you, SW. If we were to theorise positions we might need new players in or cover, they would probably be a GK, a defender and a Saiz replacement. However, with Berardi, Cooper and Dallas back next month, I definitely don't think that a defensive signing is worthwhile. A Saiz replacement theoretically would be nice, but in many ways we've already replaced him with the emergence of Jack Clarke. Izzy Brown will also hopefully be available soon and able to provide us with a genuine solution, so a Saiz replacement does not feel entirely necessary either.

I would like another goalkeeper though, preferably as a starter. Firstly, I don't think Huffer is ready to be second choice. Secondly, I think that Peacock-Farrell would benefit from deputising/competing with a more experienced option. If another GK, perhaps Karl Darlow on loan, is all we end up adding in January I will not be disappointed. Other than that, I think the squad is showing its growing quality and ability to cope.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby Otherworld » 27 Dec 2018, 16:38

I agree, mostly, but think we still need an experienced goalkeeper, and a creative midfielder/winger.

I’m not too worried about newcomers adapting to Bielsa’s methods quickly, as our squad seemed to adapt very quickly in pre-season, and hit the ground running from the opening game. This issue also becomes less of a problem if a new player has played for Bielsa before, such as Gomez at Bilbao.

So, yes, I wouldn’t want to see much transfer activity. Maybe a couple of quality signings, possibly both on loan, would be a good move.

Let’s hope we don’t lose another key player, though.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby DominanceUK » 27 Dec 2018, 17:01

Despite the January transfer window being just around the corner I haven't seen any players we've been linked too, normally it's rife with links to various players in the media but it's all quiet which tells me that Bielsa isn't interested in any signings. I'm in agreement with you Selbs, I don't think we need anybody and that includes a Keeper. I'd stick with BPF, yes he's made some mistakes but thankfully they haven't been costly. He'll learn and grow from his performances (hopefully!).
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Re: No January Signings

Postby ilkley62 » 27 Dec 2018, 17:58

Again agree Selby with your views on this - I suppose I feel as this is the nearest we have come in 14 years to giving us a chance of a top 2 finish I would be happy to add a couple of experienced heads to the squad for the run in. I realise you cant cover for every eventuality but i'd be a little concerned if Bamford & Roofe were out in March / April plus why not get an experienced keeper in just in case for the run in (though I think we may be able to get an emergency loan in to cover injuries?)
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Re: No January Signings

Postby Mickeyzee » 27 Dec 2018, 22:36

Keeper and a creative mid for me, imagine the horror if Hernandez and BPF got injured...... :o
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Re: No January Signings

Postby Selby White » 27 Dec 2018, 22:46

Mickeyzee wrote:Keeper and a creative mid for me, imagine the horror if Hernandez and BPF got injured...... :o

Given Blackman injury maybe a goalkeeper on loan but would be interested who you think we could get good enough to replace Hernandez that would be happy to sit on the bench in case of injury.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby Nic » 27 Dec 2018, 23:20

From Bielsa's press conferences I get the feeling that they are not really aiming to get any players, and he prefers to bring young players through. If we get someone, would he be good enough to go straight into the first 11, and if so who drops out. MB also prefers a smaller squad, so I can't see him agreeing to bring people in to simply keep the bench warm. Look at when Blackman & BPF were injured he resisted an emergency loan keeper.

We have had a fair amount of injuries already and we are still top of the league, yet every time I listen to post match phone-ins its always about bringing in new players. It's an obsession! We have a squad where success matters to everyone, you can see it with celebrations, whether or not the players were involved or even in the match day squad. When we were 2-1 down to Blackburn on the 89th minute, the match day commentators and maybe some fans believed that was it, we'd lost, but the team hadn't given up, they still believed. I want to watch that team week in week out.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby birkybullufc » 28 Dec 2018, 00:45

I think most of the players in the squad have shown their worth to the team at some point this season when called upon.
I would imagine we would want to sign another goalkeeper to replace Blackman but if the right person isn't available, it won't happen. I think we would be wise to sign someone to replace Saiz too, otherwise there's a lot riding on Izzy Brown's fitness. But if that player isn't better than what we've got it doubt we will be signing them. Whoever is signed is unlikely to play until he meets Bielsa's fitness requirements. We saw the same with Jansson at the start of the season after his world cup.
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Re: No January Signings

Postby rss1969 » 28 Dec 2018, 11:33

We need a keeper IMO.

BPF has promise but has cost us goals. Considering up to now that we concede less chances than most we cannot afford to be letting in as many soft goals as we have.

BPF will improve but there is nothing wrong with moving him out of the firing line and learning from a more experienced keeper like Darlow for a while.

I cannot believe that Blackman was bought to the club to be no2 but Bielsa did not fancy him for some reason (same can be said for all of our loans who have had little or no impact at all).

Saturdays gaff was an awful mistake that 99% of the time would have cost us all 3 points. He has made big errors against WBA, Birmingham, Blackburn. He should have done much better with goals against us from Villa, Derby, Forest and Wigan.

If we were now mid-table, there would be big calls for him to be dropped. I want the lad to do well, especially as he is one of our youth players but we must seize the opportunity that we have created. We are going to have a run where we do not play well and things will go against us...........we need a good keeper to help us through that patch.
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