Temporary ban imposed

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Temporary ban imposed

Postby Another Northern Soul » 07 Jul 2019, 11:03

Dear all, after much consideration and discussion, the mod team has imposed a 2 weeks ban on isrodger for posting unnecessarily inflammatory (and personal) comments on this forum. This isn't a decision we ever take lightly or make impulsively, ISR has been warned plenty of times over the last few weeks.

This is probably the most family-friendly LU forum there is and it's our duty to maintain that standard in the interests of us all, we believe there are limits to comments aimed at other posters and those limits apply to offensive comments aimed at mods or any other poster.

ISR has been advised of the temp ban and also told that we hope he returns in a fortnight in better form so he can post again and be welcomed as a valued poster.

Yours sincerely

Your mod team
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