Gamble Game FA Cup 2020

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Gamble Game FA Cup 2020

Postby Selby White » 09 Jan 2020, 08:54

The Gamble Game FA Cup will commence after the Champions League Group Stage.
Its open to all forum members.

Can Barlow Boy retain the trophy he won in 2019

The system used will be similar to "Last Person Standing"

Format -
Each Round the Top scores financially will go through to the next stage.
Round One the top 10 players will progress (We will only have a round one if more than 10 players enter)
Round Two 2 players will be eliminated leaving 8 in the competition.
Round 3 another 2 will go leaving 6.
Round 4 another 2 will go leaving 4.
Semi we will lose another 2 leaving the last two to contest the final.

Each round there will be 8 matches to bet on.
You will have 2x£50 bets, 1x£40, 2x£30, 1x£20 & 2x£10
You choose which match to use each of your 8 bets.
All bets must be placed before KO in the first match.
Winnings are not carried to the next round.
No editing of bets on the day of the match and if you do edit them before the day you must send me a PM to inform me.

Any questions please ask :thumbup:

Points will be awarded to our 2019 Grand Prix Table as follows :-
Winner - 25pts
R/U - 20pts
Semi-Finalists - 16pts
Last 6 losers - 12pts
Last 8 losers - 8pts
Last 10 losers - 4pts
1st round loser - 1pt

Matches selected for round one Sat 1st Feb (or round 2 if we have 10 or less players) :-
Odds to follow
Leicester v Chelsea -
Bournemouth v Villa -
Palace v Sheff Utd -
Liverpool v Southampton -
Hull v Brentford -
Birmingham v Forest -
Charlton v Barnsley -
Fulham v Huddesfield -
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