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About this book

B08B455B16 [ISBN]

A Mug's Game: A novel for young people about football and family in the 1970s

It's the mid 1960s and Yorkshireman Bob Smith has finally turned his back on his beloved Leeds United after one too many dreary games in the old Division Two. Married, living down south and being a new Dad has given his life new priorities. But when Leeds are crowned Division One champions in 1969, Bob decides it may be time for a rethink. His son Billy, now seven, loves football. Can Bob turn him into a Leeds fan despite their living many miles away? He thinks he can, by giving him what he says is a magic mug. If Billy drinks from the mug an hour before kick-off, Leeds will always win. Can it be true? The plan gets off to a disastrous start but it's not long before the power of the Leeds mug begins to take effect. What's more, Billy is totally sold on the whole plan. But what will happen when the team loses and Billy discovers the mug isn't really magic at all? Will Bob's world come crashing down around his ears?

A Mug's Game, set in 1969/70, is a story with hope, disappointment and triumph – as a small boy and his Dad get to grips with being football fans.

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