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And We've Had Our Ups and Downs: 100 Years - Leeds United and Leeds City 1905-2005

From the publishers: Professional football in the city of Leeds was initiated in August 1904, when 50 people at the Griffin Hotel on Boar Lane were told: 'the time is ripe for a good association club in Leeds' and a resolution to form Leeds City was passed. Telling the complete story of Leeds City and Leeds United, "and we've had our ups and downs" charts the history, season by season, from City's admission to the football league in 1905, the expulsion of the club in 1919, the rise of Leeds United from the ashes and the adventures of the club in domestic and European competitions. Supported by statistics for each season, every championship triumph, promotion, relegation, cup battle and tale of woe are recalled during a century of drama, mishap and adventure. And recalling the deeds of stars from yesteryear to the present day - Billy McLeod, Jim Baker, Ernie Hart, Willis Edwards, John Charles, Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter, Gordon Strachan, Gary Kelly and Lucas Radebe - the nostalgia is unrelenting. 

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