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LUFC books by David Watkins (10 books)

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Leeds United in pursuit of the Premiership

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2010/2011 season told by one lifelong fan who followed...

LEEDS UNITED, Bins, A Bucket, But No Cigar: The story of the 2018/2019 Championship season

by David Watkins
Marcelo Bielsa arrived as Head Coach at Elland Road with a huge reputation behind...

Leeds United, Fiasco: The story of the 2013/2014 season

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2013/2014 season is hard to believe. It began, as every...

Leeds United, Mission: Impossible

by David Watkins
This is the sixth book from David Watkins charting the continuing struggles of Leeds...

Leeds United, The Kids Are Alright

by David Watkins
This is the fifth book from David Watkins documenting his travels following Leeds...

LEEDS UNITED: COVID INTERRUPTUS!: Perth to the Premier League - The Story of the 2019/2020 Season

by David Watkins
David Watkins has supported Leeds United for more than fifty years and, for the...

Leeds United: Deja vu

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2012/2013 season had more than a touch of déj...

Leeds United: Give us Strength

by David Watkins
By mid-September 2017 Leeds United sat proudly on top of the Championship and their...

Leeds United: Light at the End of the Tunnel

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2011/2012 season as seen by one lifelong fan, now a...

Leeds United: When the stars almost aligned

by David Watkins
2016/2017 was a season that began with great hope and anticipation for Leeds United...
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