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LUFC books by Gary Edwards (6 books)

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Every Cloud: The Story of How Leeds City Became Leeds United

by Gary Edwards
Every Cloud tells the story of Leeds City, the club whose disbandment in 1919 following...

Fanatical!: Ever Present Since 1968: An Incredible Journey

by Gary Edwards Andy Starmore
Fanatical is the story of football's number one superfan. Since January 1968, Gary...

Fifty Shades of White: Half a Century of Pain and Glory with Leeds United

by Gary Edwards
Fifty Shades of White is Gary Edwards's fifth book; and he returns with more fabulous...

Leeds United: The Second Coat

by Gary Edwards
From the PublisherHe made you cry with laughter with Paint It White, now the celebrated...

No Glossing It Over: How Football Cheated Leeds United

by Gary Edwards
The myriad misfortunes of Leeds United Football Club are entertainingly revisited...

Paint it White: Following Leeds Everywhere

by Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards has been to every Leeds match (bar one, and that's a whole story in...
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