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LUFC books by Richard Bate (5 books)

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Coaching Advanced Soccer Play: 40 Training Games and Exercises

by Richard Bate
This comprehensive book contains 40 excellent drills geared towards players age...

Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer

by Alan Hargreaves Richard Bate
Richard "Dick" Bate worked under Wilkinson at Leeds United acting as a coach between...

Soccer Defense: Winning the Ball

by Richard Bate Alan Hargreaves
In soccer, a good defender is someone who can outthink the opponent, win the ball...

Soccer Speed

by Richard Bate Ian Jeffreys
The world's most popular sport is also one of the most demanding. Stronger, smarter...

The Sweeper

by Richard Bate
Whilst the use of sweepers does not find much favour in British football circles...
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