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Fiction - LUFC Books (29 books)

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Fictional books published about Leeds United

Includes fictional books written by personalities related to the club that have no other Leeds United connection.

A Love of Two Halves

by P. J. Whiteley
George Mowatt, an entrepreneur, is one of the wealthiest people in Britain. Karen...

A Mug's Game: A novel for young people about football and family in the 1970s

by David Crozier
It's the mid 1960s and Yorkshireman Bob Smith has finally turned his back on his...

After Extra Time: Dirty Leeds Uncut

by Robert Endeacott
‘… the Disciplinary Committee considered the list of clubs whose players...

Barcelona Away

by Tom Palmer
A rare title, produced to assist adults with reading problems in prison. Based on...

Dirty Leeds

by Robert Endeacott
To start with, it is a shame that this book is always going to get compared to David...

Disrepute: Revie's England

by Robert Endeacott
A mixture of fact and fiction, like Endeacott's earlier work Dirty Leeds in particular...

Elvis Lives on Planet Football

by Windsor Holden
The 1998-99 season has begun. Gerry and Macko - twentysomethings with an appetite...

Farewell to Kings

by Les Rowley
100 years on...WW1 still has a few old scores to settle.  It's 2017 and amid...

Georgie Charlton: My Unbelievable Life as a Footballer

by David Lemon
Georgie Charlton, professional footballer, pin-up boy, playboy, mummy’s boy...

Harry Barker - A Football Legend

by Ed Lee
Harry Barker reveals all in this lighthearted tale. It tracks his progress from...

Hazell and the Menacing Jester

by Terry Venables Gordon Williams P.B. Yuill
This is another of the three novels featuring the adventures of Cockney Private...

Hazell and the Three Card Trick

by Terry Venables Gordon Williams P.B. Yuill
  This is another of the three novels featuring the adventures of Cockney Private...

Hazell Plays Solomon

by Terry Venables Gordon Williams P.B. Yuill
This is one of three books written in the 1970s by Terry Venables (ex England and...

Marching on Together

by PJ Whiteley
Hugely enjoyable novel centered around 6 intertwined Leeds United supporters...

No More Heroes

by Robert Endeacott
The follow up to the excellent One Northern Soul. 'No More Heroes' manages to keep...

One Northern Soul

by Robert Endeacott
"If that goal in Paris had been allowed then everything that followed could have...

Pal Prestwick

by Glenn Johnson
Another "vanity press" fictional title. From Amazon: "Pal Prestwick is a story...

Playing with Fire

by Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson's DCI Banks series feature numerous mentions of Leeds United, as...

Redeemed: when Leeds United rejected Brian Clough

by Simon Harrow
"Charlie Faulkes suddenly wakes up in Leeds in the summer of 1974. But it’...

Scandal FC

by Robert Endeacott
The final part of the Dirty Leeds Trilogy, Jimmy O'Rourke and Leeds United from...


by Robert Endeacott
Stumbletime is a beautifully crafted and simple short story in which Endeacott paints...

The Art and Theory of Goalkeeping

by Ryan Hart
Another vanity fiction publication with a Leeds United focus. A new Kindle edition...

The Book of Leeds: A City in Short Fiction

by Tony Harrison Jeremy Dyson David Peace Tom Palmer et al
The thoughtful stories featured in this collection capture the soul of the city...

The Damned City

by Chris Murray
"MARCHING ON TOGETHER… But it’s a battle for Leeds City to survive....

The Damned United

by Anders Lustgarten David Peace
Anders Lustgarten's stage adaptation of David Peace's novel received its world premiere...

The Damned Utd

by David Peace
From the publishers: "Overachieving and eccentric football manager Brian Clough...

The Gigante

by Robert Endeacott
In 1957 a reluctant John Charles travelled to Italy having been sold for a record...

The Green Owls

by Thomas RC Miller
When twelve-year-old Dusty decides to shave his head and become a "Skinhead", his...

They Used to Play on Grass

by Terry Venables Gordon Williams
Gritty novel about football by Williams, the author of 'Straw Dogs', and a professional...
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