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Foreign Language - LUFC Books (22 books)

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Books on Leeds United and related personalities in languages other than English.

44 giorni: Clough, Revie e il

by Christian Giordano
L'eterna rivalità fra Brian Clough e Don Revie. L'odiato "Dirty" Leeds. L...

44 jours

by David Peace Francois Gurif
French translation of "Damned Utd".

Amddiffyn Fy Hun: Hunangofiant Mark Aizlewood

by Mark Aizlewood Ioan Kidd
Welsh language autobiography of Mark Aizlewood. In this, he revealed his 27...

Comunicado oficial 2019-20: Leeds United Espana

by Jordi Valle Simo
Start the 2019-20 season with victory of Leeds United and with news on mirinconenellandroad...

De Bielsa a Sampaoli

by Rodrigo Astorga Armando Silva
The so-called "golden generation" of national football keeps a history that we could...

El legado de Bielsa

by Damian Giovino
In Spanish. Paperback published 2018 by Hojas del Sur.

El Secreto de un Loco: Marcelo Bielsa

by Alex Marvel
The author highlights the leadership of Marcelo Bielsa, the Argentinean soccer coach...

Il maledetto United

by David Peace P. Formenton
Italian language version of "Damned Utd". Translated by P. Formenton.

Le mystere Bielsa

by Romain Laplanche
In French. 

Leeds United

by Sverre Robech Terje Berg
127 page Norweigan language book, details the history of Leeds United and current...

Maldito United

by David Peace
Spanish language version of "Damned Utd".

Marcelo Bielsa, El loco unchained

by Thomas Goubin
In French.  Paper back edition relased in 2018, ISBN: 9782755636604 Subtitle...


by Roman Iucht
Biography of Alex Sabella. 236 pages. In Spanish.

Un reve modeste et fou

by Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona's autobiography (in French) covers his controversial career in France...
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