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Non-football Books - LUFC Books (21 books)

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A tenuous miscellany; this is a true bibliographer's category. Miscellaneous books with some Leeds connection, but perhaps tenuous at best.

Includes books written by or about Leeds United personalities that aren't football related such as Jack Charlton on field sports, Ken Bates and finance, and other such fun.

For the sake of completeness, they are listed here. Read the book descriptions to find out more.

Dogs and Lamposts

by Richard Stott
This is tale of the last days of Fleet Street - an expose of the double standards...

Field Sports: An Introduction

by Jack Charlton Tony Jackson
Chapters by various contributors including Fred J Taylor.  Chapters include...

Fit to Bust: How Great Companies Fail

by Tim Phillips
There will always be business failures but when you look at who fails, when and...

Generation W

by Various
Generation W is a collection of 100 inspiring British women answering the same ten...

Go Fishing With Jack Charlton

by Jack Charlton
The big man's love of hunting and fishing is well known. Colour illustrations throughout...

How Leeds Changed the World

by Mick McCann
This is a great concept and brilliantly executed - a lively, opinionated, constantly...

Lost Without You: Loving and Losing Tanya

by Vinnie Jones
'It's like no pain I've ever known. She was my soulmate. She was everything to me...

My Country Childhood

by Vinnie Jones Susy Smith (Editor)
A nostalgic roam through childhood memories of life in the countryside by some of...

My dad: by South African Sons

by Lucas Radebe
My Dad – by South African Sons examines the relationship between South African...

Nationality: Wog. The Hounding of David Oluwale

by Kester Aspden
This harrowing book details the true story of Nigerian immigrant David Oluwale,...

On Leadership: Practical Wisdom from the People Who Know

by Allan Leighton
Alan Leighton was a deputy chairman at Leeds under Ridsdale. There have been many...

Playing for England: England Supporters Band Early Years

by John Hemmingham Stephen Holmes
In the spirit of 'Fever Pitch', 'The Full Monty' and 'Brassed Off' this is the story...

Salmon Run

by Jack Charlton Tony Francis
Based on the Yorkshire Television BBC series.

Something Rotten : Irish Banking Scandals

by Simon Carswell
'Something Rotten' is a look at 14 major banking scandals in Ireland in the last...

The Music Room

by William Fiennes
William Fiennes childhood was one of imagination and curiosity, bounded only by...

The New Kobbe's Opera Book

by The Earl of Harewood Anthony Peattie
THe Earl of Harewood served as the president of Leeds United from 1961-2011. He...

Thinking Out Loud: Love, Grief and Being Mum and Dad

by Rio Ferdinand
Ferdinand played 52 for Leeds United, 2000-2.  From publishers: In 2015, former...

Tough Calls: Making the Right Decisions in Challenging Times

by Allan Leighton
Allan Leighton began his career at Mars confectionery, where he rose to become group...

Umama: Recollections of South African Mothers and Grandmothers

by Marion Keim Lucas Radebe
This charming paperback documents the thoughts of forty great contemporary South...

When the Whistle Blows: The Story of the Footballers' Battalion in the Great War

by Andrew Riddoch John Kemp
From the publishers: "This timely history - published in the 90th anniversary year...

World's Toughest Cops: On the Front Line of the War against Crime

by Vinnie Jones
'Vinnie Jones' World's Toughest Cops' brings together stories from the two ITV4...
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