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Supporters/Fans - LUFC Books (41 books)

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From personal accounts of Leeds United supporters, to books about Leeds fans in general.

In recent years, supporters' season reviews have bcome very popular. 

32 Programmes

by Dave Roberts
When Dave Roberts relocates to the USA, his wife informs him that they can only...

A New World Order: Selected Essays

by Caryl Phillips
This text ranges widely across the Atlantic World that Caryl Phillips has charted...

Above Head Height: A Five-A-Side Life

by James Brown
"James Brown has been playing football since growing up in the backstreets of Leeds...

Back to Reality: Leeds United 2017-18

by Heidi Haigh
Fan account of the 2017-18 season.  The season started with great optimism;...

Beyond A Game

by Jay Efkay
This book is dedicated to the fans of Leeds United football club who, irrespective...

Bielsa = Leeds

by Michael Gill
113 pages. eBook only. Publisher description: "In June 2018, Leeds United had just...

Bleed White: The fall and rise of Leeds United

by Phil Merrick
In all honesty, a very poor account of Leeds United's recent fortunes from a fan...

Diary Of A D***head

by David J Lacey
A sort of stream-of-conscious diary of the life of a... well, self-confessed dick...

Doolally: Mad for Leeds

by David Gill
Jim Taylor's obsession with football might well be about to cost him his job. The...

Elland Road E:Males: An E:Xciting, E:Ngaging, E:Mailing Book About Leeds United: Season 2002/03

by Dave Shack
From jacket: "In a refreshing, straight-forward flow of argument, comment, dis-belief...

Fanatical!: Ever Present Since 1968: An Incredible Journey

by Gary Edwards Andy Starmore
Fanatical is the story of football's number one superfan. Since January 1968, Gary...


by Robert Endeacott
Already described as a CLASSIC! It's a celebration by supporters of an amazing football...

Fifty Shades of White: Half a Century of Pain and Glory with Leeds United

by Gary Edwards
Fifty Shades of White is Gary Edwards's fifth book; and he returns with more fabulous...

Follow Me and Leeds United

by Heidi Haigh
'Follow me and Leeds United' is based on a diary Heidi kept in the '70s when she...

If You're Proud To Be A Leeds Fan

by Tom Palmer
There have been several books in the past on what its like to follow Leeds United...

Leeds fans on holiday!

by Stuart Wright
Fan published. Author description: "What is it about Leeds United fans that makes...

Leeds United in pursuit of the Premiership

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2010/2011 season told by one lifelong fan who followed...

LEEDS UNITED, Bins, A Bucket, But No Cigar: The story of the 2018/2019 Championship season

by David Watkins
Marcelo Bielsa arrived as Head Coach at Elland Road with a huge reputation behind...

Leeds United, Fiasco: The story of the 2013/2014 season

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2013/2014 season is hard to believe. It began, as every...

Leeds United, Mission: Impossible

by David Watkins
This is the sixth book from David Watkins charting the continuing struggles of Leeds...

Leeds United, The Kids Are Alright

by David Watkins
This is the fifth book from David Watkins documenting his travels following Leeds...

Leeds United, the Revie Years: A fan's memoir

by Con Egan Matt Egan
Self-published fan's perspective on the golden era of the club. As the 1950s turned...

Leeds United: Deja vu

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2012/2013 season had more than a touch of déj...

Leeds United: Give us Strength

by David Watkins
By mid-September 2017 Leeds United sat proudly on top of the Championship and their...

Leeds United: Light at the End of the Tunnel

by David Watkins
The story of Leeds United's 2011/2012 season as seen by one lifelong fan, now a...

Leeds United: The Second Coat

by Gary Edwards
From the PublisherHe made you cry with laughter with Paint It White, now the celebrated...

Leeds United: When the stars almost aligned

by David Watkins
2016/2017 was a season that began with great hope and anticipation for Leeds United...

Love Hurts: Motorways, Madness And Leeds United

by Neil Jeffries Fraser Marr
Most relationships between fans and a favourite football team go way beyond the...

Made in Leeds Square Ball since 1989

by Ian Dobson
A fine collection of thoughts, humour and opinions on Leeds United from the much...

Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds United: a 2018-19 season review

by Heidi Haigh
Another season review from life-long Leeds supporter Heidi Haigh. 

My Favourite Year: A Collection of New Football Writing

by Nick Hornby Don Watson
An anthology of football writing from the author of Fever Pitch and High Fidelity...

Once a Leeds Fan, Always a Leeds Fan

by Heidi Haigh
Once a Leeds fan, always a Leeds fan is about still following Leeds United despite...

Paint it White: Following Leeds Everywhere

by Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards has been to every Leeds match (bar one, and that's a whole story in...

Parklife: A Search for the Heart of Football

by Nick Varley
Varley examines the current state of the English game, with finance, racism, supporters...

Promised Land: The Reinvention of Leeds United

by Anthony Clavane
There used to be a sign hanging outside Leeds Station which bore the legend: 'Leeds...

Service Crew: The Inside Story of Leeds United's Hooligan Gangs

by Caroline Gall
The story of the Leeds United followers who formed hoolligan gangs, from the late...

The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth

by Chris Moyles
Moyles is a well known celebrity Leeds fan. His first book features a small chapter...

The Sleeping Giant Awakens - Leeds United 2016-17

by Heidi Haigh
The 2016–17 season saw the sleeping giant, Leeds United, stirring once again...

The Square Ball: The First Twenty Years of the Leeds United Fanzine

by Ian Dobson
A twenty year history of Leeds United as captured in the pages of popular fanzine...

Ups and Downs: Leeds United from Clough to Wilko: A fan's memoir

by Con Egan
The end of the Revie era saw Leeds United's greatest team break up in something...

We Are Leeds!

by Andy Starmore
From the publishers: We are Leeds focuses on Leeds United supporters scattered around...
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