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About this book

Legend Press Ltd
9781909039551 [ISBN]

Elvis Lives on Planet Football

The 1998-99 season has begun. Gerry and Macko - twentysomethings with an appetite for beer, women and football and an aversion to housework - are accosted by an elderly soak who swears that he has recently met Elvis Presley outside Elland Road. Days later, the army retrieves an extra-terrestrial cylinder from the Yorkshire moors; ten miles away, a dying young woman undergoes a miraculous recovery to rise from her hospital bed. Soon, Gerry and Macko have a new housemate: Rachel Moran, an obsessive fan of Leeds United. But as Rachel's past catches up with her, she is obliged to confide in the pair - and to seek the help of the mysterious Ellis Pressdee - as she attempts to evade the clutches of the clandestine government agency known as MI13. But as another cylinder falls from the sky, and the net begins to close, Ellis realises that his own former identity is returning to haunt him: a haunting which culminates in the most unusual karaoke contest that the Elland Social Club has ever seen...Elvis Lives on Planet Football - a simple tale of two aliens and their undying love for Leeds United.

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