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About this book


Eric Litchfield's Book of Soccer

A very rare copy of a book written by Eric Litchfield and published in 1965. This copy would enhance any world football/soccer collector's library. The book highlights the old NFL in South Africa during the Apartheid era. Teams highlighted are Cape Town City, Highlands Park, Hellenic, Johannesburg Rangers, Germiston Callies, Durban United, Addington, Durban City and numerous others ... many pictures abound of action on the playing fields around the country.

Eric Litchfield, born in Liverpool in 1920 and signed for Newcastle United as a 16 year old from Bedford Town. War broke out about the time that he was beginning to establish himself. During the early war years he guested for Hartlepools United, Leeds United, Reading, Bath City, Millwall, Bristol City, Manchester City, York City and Northampton Town. A pilot in the Royal Air Force, he was also a sports journalist on several service newspapers, but still made football tours of the Belgian Congo, Northern Rhodesia, South Africa, Ceylon and Southern India. Accepting an appointment with the Natal Mercury, he remained in Durban for three years before joining the Rand Daily Mail and Sunday Times in 1949. He became Sports Editor of those two newspapers in March 1956. For his support in the establishment of professional football in South Africa, he was made a Life Member of the National Football League (all of this was of course before unification of South African football). 

Eric also wrote the book "Goals in the Sun" and this iconic account of the history of the old South African NFL has become a sought after collector's item. This book is ever rarer than the former, so a good search in granddad's loft may reap some rich rewards!

This book chronicles the old NFL from 1959 through to 1964 when sides like Durban City, Highlands Park, Addington, Cape Town City, Germinston Callies, Rangers, Arcadia Shepherds (Arcadia United), Southern Suburbs, Ramblers, Durban United, Hellenic, Wanderers, Bloemfontein City, Powerlines, Port Elizabeth City and Maritzburg City entertained the masses. This was an era when the likes of Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Wolverhampton Wanderers toured to play matches against South Africa.

Contributions in this book come from Billy Wright (Arsenal Manager), Rob Montgomery, Vivian Granger, Matt Crowe, Jack Plenderleith, Jimmy Clark, Jackie Wren and John Rugg.

A worthy item in any collection of football memorabilia ...

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