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About this book

Pitch Publishing Ltd
978-1909626454 [ISBN]

From Ronnie Radford to Roger Osborne: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 2 - The 1970s

There was a time, not so long ago, when the FA Cup really mattered. When fans would go to extraordinary lengths to get tickets, and the whole nation seemed to stop for a football match - when Cup Final day seemingly threw up unlikely dramas every year. From Barry Stobart to Neil Young articulates this magic through the eyes of the fans who attended games etched into the memories of supporters all over the globe. Volume 1 tells the story of the 1960s, centring around great club sides, previously lesser-known heroes who won the day, and characters such as Everton's joyful pitch invader Eddie Cavanagh. Most important are the stories of the fans who were there inside Wembley. Who were they? How do they look back on those halcyon days? Here's stories of football, social change, love and kinship - all played out against a backdrop of pop music, films and contemporary news.

This seems like an updated version of the previously published From Bovril To Champagne: When The Fa Cup Really Mattered Part 1 - The 1970S by the same author.

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